S.C. Lawmakers Can't Agree

On SCANA rate cut plan

Patrick Gentry
May 23, 2018 - 3:40 pm

South Carolina lawmakers met again but still haven't reached a compromise on legislation dealing with utility rates and the failed nuclear reactor project in the state.

A conference committee of House members and senators met Wednesday for a third time. This meeting focused solely on temporary rate cuts for utility customers.

House members proposed adopting the Senate's 13 percent rate cut plan. The cut would be effective back to August 2017 when SCANA Corp. abandoned work on the reactors and it would give customers of SCANA subsidiary South Carolina Electric & Gas $300 million in credits. The Public Service Commission would decide how to get the refund to customers.

Senate Minority Leader Nikki Setzler says he is concerned about the legality of the House's proposal.

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