SC taxpayers cannot prepay 2018 property taxes

South Carolina law prohibits taxpayers from doing so

Ed Jenson
December 28, 2017 - 3:27 pm

While homeowners in some states are rushing to pay their 2018 property tax bills before the end of 2017, South Carolina law prohibits taxpayers from doing so here.

Some states allow taxpayers to prepay their property taxes and homeowners are taking advantage of this so they can deduct their payment on their 2017 income tax return.

“South Carolina law doesn’t have that,” said Department of Revenue Public Information Director Bonnie Swingle. “The way that the bills are assessed right now, the way that the property is assessed right now doesn’t allow for this.”

Swingle said most counties don’t set millage rates or assessments until summer and the 2018 bills simply aren’t available now.

“If you’re trying to pay your 2018 property taxes early, you most likely won’t be able to do that because the values and the millage rates aren’t available to create that assessment value yet for the taxpayer to pay.”

Swingle said every county sets their own millage rates each year.

“Right now taxpayers don’t really have an option of paying a 2018 tax bill because there’s not a tax bill available for them to pay,” she said.

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