SCDOT To Give Up Some Roads

Pilot program

Ken Pauli
June 15, 2018 - 4:00 am
cracked roads


The South Carolina Department of Transportation has approved a pilot program that would pay local municipalities to take over some roads that are currently controlled by the state.  The City of Greenville might be interested.

There are 41,000 miles of roads in the state that are controlled by South Carolina's DOT.   This $10 million program will test the waters, giving money to Greenville to take over some roads.  The public works department identified some streets they’d like control over.  (see below)  Most are in areas like downtown, bordering the new Unity Park, or are in areas ripe for redevelopment. 

The program would allow the city flexibility in road design and streetscaping, like putting in speed humps on busy roads or adding trees where the state would not allow them.  The program isn't a guarantee and would be reevaluated each year.  

  • .14 miles of North Hudson Street
  • .49 miles of South Hudson Street                         
  • .61 miles of East Park Avenue
  • .27 miles of West Park Avenue
  • 1.47 miles of West Washington Street 
  • 1.20 miles of East Washington Street   
  • .57 miles of Mayberry
  • .09 miles of West Broad
  • .15 miles of West McBee
  • .22 miles of Atwood Street  


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