SCDOT Meets with Greenville Citizens

Woodruff Rd. Congestion

Seth Stokes
November 10, 2017 - 9:00 am

Citizens of Greenville County had the opportunity to meet with SCDOT officials Thursday night to share their concerns regarding traffic congestion on Woodruff Rd. 

The meeting took place at Roper Mountain Baptist Church. 

I spoke with a pair of Woodruff Rd. commuters who had several complaints about the situation. 

One commuter, Diane, says that law enforcement needs to enforce the no stopping in intersections law and said that "roads are for driving, not sitting parked".

Another Woodruff Rd. driver, Jeff, expressed concerns about the width of Woodruff Rd. Jeff says that "with all of the communities being built in the area, something needs to be done with the roads to accomodate the extra people and their cars." 

Another issue mentioned by that those that attended were traffic lights being out of sync. 

There isn't a definite time frame for when all of this will be resolved, but you can still go on the SCDOT website and voice your concerns.

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