School Board Votes

Yes to End DACA Restrictions

Seth Stokes
February 28, 2018 - 1:29 am

The Greenville County Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting Tuesday night. Among the items voted on was a resolution to push for DACA students to be able to receive professional licensures. As of 2008, DACA students can complete all of the necessary training and coursework associated with getting a professional license in various fields, but have to go out of state to receive a license in the field. 

The motion passed with eight votes for and two trustees abstaining. There board members weren't the only individuals present that were in favor of the resolution; 10 advocates spoke in front of school board and gave personal testimony to the struggles they are either facing or witnessing.

Joy Grayson, who led the charge on research on this resolution, stated during the meeting that she received many calls and emails opposing the resolution. Grayson said she invited each of them to speak to the board about it during their meeting, but not a single one showed up.

Keep in mind that this is only a resolution. That means that nothing has changed with the law. All the resolution does is officially throw Greenville County Schools in the fight for DACA students to be able to receive their professional licenses. Nothing more.

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