School Vandalized

Graffiti spray-painted on exterior

Evan Smith
March 25, 2019 - 3:35 pm

The Greer Police Department was called shortly before 7 am Monday morning and alerted that graffiti had been found on the exterior of Riverside High School.

The majority of the damage, according to Lt. Patrick Fortenberry, was located on the outside of the athletic facilities, including the press box, concession stands, tickets booths and restrooms.

The vandalism included words written in spray paint, as well as spray paint drawings of pizza and a Grim Reaper. That’s according to Greenville County Schools spokeswoman Beth Brotherton. So that’s the bad part.  

But – in an oddly wholesome aspect to the graffiti  –  there was no profanity, no hate speech, nor any kind of imagery that could be deemed obscene.

Most of the stuff was just, admittedly, pretty silly.

Outside the concession’s building, for instance, were the words “Mmmm tasty!!!”  

All the graffiti has been or is being power washed off, and the buildings won’t have any long-term damage or anything costly in need of repair.

Compare that to an incident of vandalism at the same school back in January of 2016, when a 17-year-old was charged with malicious damage to property after police found damaged fire extinguishers, shattered fluorescence lights, boards ripped apart from the walls and a water fountain torn out, which caused significant water damage.

In this case, a drawing of some pizza is relatively tame.

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