Senators Approve New Proposal on GHS

Master lease agreement

Ed Jenson
March 01, 2018 - 1:52 pm

The Senate on Thursday gave tentative approval of a proposal that would remove the sale of GHS and replace it with approval of a master lease agreement.

Greenville County senators voted 6-0 to give the newly amended bill second reading but to hold a final vote open until later this month in anticipation of a GHS board decision on the deal.

Sen. William Timmons, one of the bill's authors, said the deal includes increasing the amount of community donations to $100 million over 25 years.

This would include at least 25 percent to socio-economically disadvantaged and/or minority communities, a prohibition against extraordinary executive compensation, a ban on "golden parachutes" for outgoing executives, and required financial reporting to the Greenville County Council.

When contacted by 1063 WORD news, GHS had this response from Sandy Dees:

Senior management of the SC Health Company, Greenville Health Authority and Greenville Health System have been in discussions with members of the Greenville County Legislative Delegation on potential steps that can be taken to address their concerns. Discussions are ongoing, and we are hopeful that these discussions will soon reach the point that they can be considered by our Trustees and Directors. We believe that the decision made by the Senate today to eliminate the provisions of a bill calling for the sale of GHS is a major step forward. However, there is still a similar bill in the House which provides for the sale of GHS.           




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