Serial Burglar in Greenville

Law enforcement amping up patrols

Evan Smith
April 23, 2019 - 3:37 pm

A serial burglar appears to be on the loose, and now local law enforcement is going on the offensive.

Since March 10, more than 20 burglaries have taken place here in Greenville. That’s a lot more than usual, according to law enforcement officials. Which is why the Greenville Police Department is now teaming up with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office to increase its presence throughout certain at-risk areas of the city.

All of the burglaries were similar, both in the way they were carried out and the goals of the criminal, according to Donnie Porter, spokesperson for the police department.

Law enforcement is not yet specifying any details, but they will say that businesses were targeted, and that it’s likely all the burglaries are being carried out by one specific person, who perhaps had the help of an additional person as a driver.

Porter said people should expect to see enhanced patrols in both marked cruisers and unmarked cars.

In the meanwhile, if you own a local business, make sure you put your valuables away and lock them up safely. It’s also helpful to keep exterior lights on all through the night, or if you don’t have any, now might be a good time to get them installed.

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