Seventh Annual SC Automotive Summit

Returns to the Upstate

February 28, 2018 - 9:21 am

FEBRUARY 28, 2018 BY RENEE SEXTON (South Carolina Radio Network)

The seventh annual South Carolina Automotive Summit starts Wednesday in Greenville.

The annual event is hosted by the South Carolina Automotive Council and brings industry leaders together to showcase the state’s progress in the industry.

“It has really grown to a global event,” the council’s executive director Amy Tinsley said.

The event draws visitors from across the nation. Tinlsey said this year a delegation from Belguim is visiting.

“The South Carolina Automotive Summit is a venue for the players of South Carolina’s automotive industry to come together and discuss topics and emerging issues in the automotive industry,” she said. “As South Carolina’s automotive industry has grown, so, too, has our summit. In addition to having our BMW, Volvo, Mercedes Benz vans, we have a robust supply chain and a network of suppliers, service companies, logistics companies.

One of the issues addressed at the summit is workforce development. South Carolina business and education leaders have been working on ways to prepare workers for the manufacturing jobs that companies are struggling to fill.

“This is really a critical part of South Carolina’s economy,” she said. “The automotive industry brings an annual economic impact of over $20 billion to the state each year.”

The event will run through Friday at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Greenville. Nearly 500 attendees are expected to visit sessions on topics like autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity and supply chains of the future.

“It’s just a great time to see everyone working together supporting this robust industry in the state,” Tinsley said. “We’re just so proud that South Carolina is where it is and we just hope to see that growth continue and to continue to support everyone that’s already here.”

Click here for more information about the South Carolina Automotive Summit.  

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