Severe Storms Hit The Upstate

Thousands without power

April 15, 2019 - 9:54 am

Severe thunderstorms hit areas of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina Sunday afternoon, leaving thousands without power.

Several Carolina counties were affected and some were even placed under tornado warning Sunday starting around 2:00pm. The storm lasted throughout the day and continued into the night and early morning.

Over 6,000 residences were still without power Monday morning.

One Simpsonville neighborhood was hit extremely hard just after 10:00pm Sunday night, resulting in several downed branches, many uprooted trees, and blocked roadways.

One resident in the neighborhood sent 106.3 WORD video and pictures of the damage in their yard.

The resident also said another home in the neighborhood was struck by a falling tree.

Before hitting the Carolinas, this storm system travelled through many southern states including Texas and Alabama, where deaths have been reported.

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