Sex and Gender Conference

At Bob Jones University

Evan Smith
February 15, 2019 - 3:46 pm

When you think Bob Jones University, you probably don’t imagine a place where one goes around openly discussing sexuality.

In fact, the evangelical Christian University has long stood by its more traditional views on the matter, specifically its position on LGBT issues.

But although the school is not changing its stance on that subject, lately it has shown an unprecedented level of candor regarding the matter, which was on full display at a conference this week on gender and sexuality.

There, school leaders took a more nuanced approach to same-sex attraction, noting that they should be willing to minister to anyone who comes across their path.

Sam Horn, dean of the seminary school, even went so far as to say “there is a difference between affirming a lifestyle contrary to scripture and loving someone.”

Conference organizers said they hoped hearing stories from people with same-sex attraction would help to ease the hard edge that some Christians have demonstrated toward the LGBT community.

Even still, an openly LGBT student would be in violation of the universities policies and could be dismissed from school without keeping any accrued class credits.

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