Sheriff Warns of Child Pornography

Video Shared on Facebook

Seth Stokes
February 05, 2018 - 3:02 pm

The Newberry County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a child pornography video that is being shared online. 

They sent out a release saying that he there is a video being shared on Facebook that shows a man engaged in a sexual act with a young child.

Per the release:

 “This video surfaced and has gone viral in a short period of time. This video is typically shared through messenger and the reason listed is so that the perpetrator is caught. The problem with sharing this video is that every time this video is shared and viewed, the victim is exposed to more shame and victimization. You not only create a viral video but a viral victim.

“Additionally, while this is done in ‘an attempt to locate the perpetrator,’ you are still possessing and disseminating child pornography and it is illegal to possess and disseminate any images or videos that depict a juvenile child engaged in sexual activity.

“If you receive any image or video that you believe depicts child pornography, please report this immediately to the reporting mechanism of the social media site that you are using and then contact your local law enforcement agency.”


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