Shooting Suspect Apprehended After Car Chase

Three QTs involved, no injuries reported

Emily Gill
August 13, 2019 - 11:52 am

Emily Gill


Three Quik Trip gas stations, three jurisdictions, one shooting suspect: lots of moving pieces.

At approximately 7:55 on Tuesday morning, a man called to report shots were fired on him at the QT near I-85 and S. Augusta Road, which is outside the jurisdiction of the Greenville Police Department.

Dr. Donald Porter, a Greenville PD spokesman, said the victim then drove into city limits and spotted an officer at a second QT at 127 Mauldin Road.

The victim pulled over and gave a description and a direction of travel to the officer.

The officer got into his car and started looking for the suspect's vehicle, which he quickly found.  The suspect did not stop and fired at the officer; he did not hit the officer or his vehicle.

The suspect led the officer on a chase and looped back around to the QT at 127 Mauldin Road where a trooper happened to have stopped for coffee.  The suspect fired on the trooper, missing once again.

The chase continued, leading to a third QT at 1509 Grove Road.  A sheriff's deputy executed a pit maneuver, trapping the car. 

The suspect was removed from the vehicle; authorities had to break the car windows to get him out.

He was taken to a local medical facility for evaluation and treatment.

No injuries were reported and no vehicles were damanged.

Since three jurisdictions were involved (the Greenville County Sheriff's Department, Highway Patrol, and the Greenville Police Department), Dr. Porter says charges from all three agencies are expected.



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