Shots Fired in Police Chase

Suspect put in cuffs

Evan Smith
August 13, 2019 - 4:07 pm

It began with a routine traffic stop – but things quickly sped out of control.

The chase started off when an Anderson County deputy attempted to pull over a gray Hyuandai sedan on River Road near Interstate 85.

The driver apparently had other things in mind, however, and refused to stop.

It soon became clear why, when the deputy ran the plates and realized the car was stolen.

A chase ensued, during which the driver of the car began shooting back at deputies with a handgun.

The chase was finally brought to a conclusion on Iler Street near Anderson Road when deputies managed to halt the car via a tire deflation device, with no pedestrians injured in the process. The driver tried running but a K9 dog took him down.

The driver, identified as Christopher E. Lewallen, was put in cuffs. Deputies determined that not only was the car stolen – the plates had been stolen, and so had the handgun.

Lewallen’s passenger during the chase, identified as Monica S Craigo from Greer, was also arrested and taken into custody.

Charges are still pending.   

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