Simpsonville Has A New Plan

To re-brand the city

Patrick Gentry
June 26, 2019 - 10:20 am

Simpsonville City Council heard on Tuesday a branding proposal presentation by a local firm.

Tripp Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow & Associates, Ltd., of Greenville, walked Council through the process of developing a newly proposed brand and logo at the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Muldrow showed Council a new logo, seal, the tagline “Simply Home” and a brand statement for its consideration.

The product presented to Council was the result of a series of roundtables with stakeholders, a public input meeting and deliberation by a steering committee of council members, city staff, business owners and Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Arnett Muldrow & Associates was dedicated to capturing the greatness of Simpsonville by listening to the community and its leaders.

“Overwhelmingly, the feedback was that Simpsonville’s identity needed to be fresh, forward thinking, and family oriented,” the firm said in a statement. “It should honor the history of the community without being bound solely to history.”

The theme that emerged from the roundtables and meetings held in June was a brand that is bold, fresh and bright that uniquely promotes the City of Simpsonville. Connectivity and family were also emphasized.

Mayor Janice Curtis said before the meeting that the timing is right to update the City of Simpsonville’s brand.

“With the recent growth Simpsonville has had, now is the time to promote the City with a fresh bold look,” Mayor Curtis said. “Whether it’s economic development opportunities, entertainment, shopping, food or outdoor recreation, Simpsonville has so much to offer. We want a versatile brand that allows us to show off how wonderful Simpsonville is.”

Simpsonville City Council will vote on the branding proposal on July 9 at its business meeting, which starts at 6:30 p.m.


We are Simpsonville, South Carolina

Simply Historic, Simply Connected, Simply Home

The tagline simplifies to “Simply Home.” However, the tagline is versatile and allows for a variety of modifiers to follow the word “Simply” for marketing purposes, such as “Simply Entertaining.” The brand is designed not only to be used by the City of Simpsonville but also by consumers.


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