Sunoco Gas Station sign

Image: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Skimmers on Gas Pumps

Sunoco on Augusta Road

June 05, 2019 - 3:17 pm

Someone is out to steal your credit card information and this time, it happened at some gas pumps in Greenville.

Greenville police say that all of the pumps at the Sunoco gas station at 1601 Augusta Street were shut down after skimming devices were found on the machines.  

Police were called out Tuesday afternoon and a forensics team discovered the skimmers -- and not just on one pump. They were on five of them. The pumps were turned off while they investigated.

skimmers found on gas pumps
Image: Greenville PD

Skimming devices collect your credit and debit card information for identity thieves.   Sometimes the information is sold.

If you got gas at the Sunoco station on Augusta Street, police say you should watch your statements and report any discrepancies to your bank or credit card company.  You should also keep an eye on pumps at any gas station that you use.  If you think the credit card skimmer was tampered with, contact local police.

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