SLED Asked To Come In To Investigate

At Mauldin PD

Patrick Gentry
June 18, 2019 - 12:05 pm

Following an hour and a half long closed door breifing last evening, Mauldin officials announced that SLED will conduct an investigation across city departments,  following the city's own internal investigation of inapppropriate sexual activites involving police officers and dispatchers.  The intial investigation began after an annonymous letter was recieved in January and a complaint from a current dispatcher in March.  At least 5 officers and 2 dispatchers have left the department over the inappropriate sexual activities, all of which the city claims were consentual and occured over a number of years.  The activity was on city property and while those involved were on duty.  The city is actively hiring employees with the police department to fill those positions.

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