Snowy History

A look at record snowstorms

Evan Smith
December 07, 2018 - 3:04 pm

You have to go back to December 16 1930, when America’s president was Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression was in full swing, for the day Greenville got the most snow in recorded history.

That night, 14 and a half inches accumulated in the area, delaying trains and grounding planes at the municipal airport. The area itself was “devoid of humanity,” according to an article in the Greenville News from the time.

The next biggest snowfall? December 3 of 1971, Nixon still president at the time, a day on which Greenville saw eleven and a half inches of snow, a near blizzard, according to news reports at the time.

Coming in third place: December 29, 1935, when Greenville saw 11 inches of snow.

The fourth place spot also happens to be among the older recorded weather dates: December 2, 1896, when 10.5 inches of snow accumulated in the area.

Doesn’t look like we’ll see those kinds of numbers this season, but you never know. Stay safe out there and stick with 106.3 WORD for the latest weather updates.


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