South Carolina Ranks 50th In Elder Abuse

WalletHub survey finds S.C. assisted living facilities are sub-par

Patrick Gentry
December 11, 2017 - 6:02 pm

Abuse happens every day and takes many forms. But vulnerable older Americans are among the easiest targets for this misconduct, especially those who are women, have disabilities and rely on others for care or other type of assistance. By one estimate, elder abuse affects as many as 5 million people per year, and 96 percent of all cases go unreported.

Unless states take action to prevent further abuse, the problem will grow as America becomes an increasingly aging nation. The U.S. Census Bureau expects the population aged 65 and older to nearly double from 43.1 million in 2012 to 83.7 million in 2050, much to the credit of aging Baby Boomers who began turning 65 in 2011.

As I found out from Survey Analyst Jill Gonzalez with WalletHub, South Carolina has a lot of work to do. Our state ranked fiftieth in WalletHub's natiowide survey, and Jill tells ms why.

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