Peacock found by Spartanburg Police

Image: Spartanburg PD

Spartanburg Peacock

Police found the bird

April 26, 2019 - 10:00 am

Spartanburg Police got the word out on social media about this unique bird they found on Lucerne Drive off Union Street yesteday morning.

Spartanburg officer Jessica Leigh with a found peacock
Image: Spartanburg PD
On Facebook, the department posted, "Yep. That’s something we never thought we would post."

Animal Services responded to pick up a peacock that had escaped from his home.  And it was captured thanks to an area homeowner who handed the bird safely to Officer Jessica Leigh.  Animal Services checked several houses in the area but could not locate the owner.

No word yet if the owner has claimed the peacock yet from Animal Services, although one person on Facebook did say that the peacock belonged to them.

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