Statewide Pet Adoption Event

Happening this weekend

South Carolina Radio Network
October 05, 2018 - 4:15 pm

A statewide pet adoption event this weekend is part of the effort to make South Carolina a no-kill state.

The Charleston Animal Society, which has been no-kill for five years and spearheads the statewide effort, used adoption events to find homes for the animals in its shelter. They often lowered or eliminated adoption fees.

“The idea is it takes an entire community to address the pet overpopulation, pet homelessness issue and what we’re trying to do is bring that strategy to South Carolina at large,” said Abigail Kamleiter, Director of No Kill South Carolina.

“We are trying to save 1,500 lives this weekend; dogs and cats and we have almost 50 locations across South Carolina where people can go and get great adoption deals. Most of the locations are eliminating their fees or doing severely-discounted fees so you can really go find a pet anywhere across South Carolina,” Kamleiter said.

“Even if you’re not ready to adopt a pet yet, go ahead and take a look and get to know the organizations in your area,” she said.

Kamleiter said it will take a cooperative effort among all animal advocacy groups in South Carolina to reach the ambitious goal of statewide no-kill status. But she said she’s been encouraged by the cooperation among the groups and agencies involved.

“Government shelters, nonprofit shelters, rescue groups all working together toward the same goal and saving as many lives as we can,” she said. “So it’s really cool to see that happening and this weekend is just a great example of us all working together and saving as many lives as we can.”

The goal for 2018 is to save all healthy dogs in South Carolina. Once the Charleston Animal Society was able to start tracking pet adoptions in 2016-2017, Kamleiter said: “We found out we actually had saved more than 12,000 more animals between what came in and what was adopted during those two years.”

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