night flight into GSP

Image: Josh Morgan/usatsimg

Stuck Plane at GSP

Locked brakes after landing

May 31, 2019 - 9:08 am

A plane stuck on the main runway at Greenville Spartanburg International Airport wreaked havoc with the flight schedule yesterday afternoon and evening.  

After making a safe landing, a Delta Airlines plane ended up blocking and shutting down the runway.  It was a flight coming in from Atlanta.

It happened around 4:30pm when the plane's brakes locked up. 

This caused many delays in and out of the airport as no planes could take off or land until the plane was towed off the runway and to a terminal.  Around 7pm, airport officials tweeted that the runway has reopened and flights in and out of GSP resumed.

According to the airport’s schedule, six arrivals were canceled, impacting flights from Charlotte, Columbia, Miami, Newark and Philadelphia.  Flights scheduled to fly from Greenville to Charlotte, Chicago, Newark and Miami were also canceled.

No injuries were reported.

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