Student Facing Charges For Shank

Says it was an accident

Patrick Gentry
August 29, 2018 - 1:05 pm

A Gable Middle School student is facing a pair of charges after Spartanburg School District Six officials say he used a makeshift blade to cut another student.

Reports say the student removed the metal out of a pencil sharpener and wrapped some one side in tape. While in the cafeteria line, the sixth grader cut another student on the arm.

The school resource officer was immediately notified, and after investigating proceeded to charge the student with possession of a weapon on school property and second degree assault and battery.

Deputies released the incident report on Wednesday. It states the teen suspect admitted to having the razor but denied cutting the victim on purpose. The teen said he was showing the razor to the victim and accidentally scratched him as they handed the razor back and forth.

The incident report states the victim's brother identified the blade as his and said he used it to make small cuts on himself during wrestling matches.

The student charged told officials it was an accident, but District Six policy says the student can be expelled.

The student was released into parents custody.


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