Taxpayers Paid Lewis' Bill

In sexual harassment settlement

Evan Smith
May 24, 2019 - 4:14 pm

Are we the taxpayers being forced to shell out big bucks for the actions of disgraced Sheriff Will Lewis?

According to documents provided by South Carolina’s Budget and Control Board, it appears that Greenville taxpayers were forced to pay $97,500 to settle the lawsuit Savanah Nabors filed against now suspended Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis.

And that was just half of the total amount of money paid in the settlement, with the State Fiscal Accountability Authority paying Nabors an additional amount just under $100,000, bringing the total cost to taxpayers up to $195,000. 

Nabors, a former employee at the Sheriff’s Office, accused Lewis of sexual harassment. 

Lewis is now on trial facing more than a dozen indictments ranging from willful misuse of public resources to abuse of power to intimidation to corruption, just to name a few.

The nearly $200,000 in settlement money was paid in October of last year.

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