Term Limit Proposal Approved

Won't make it to the floor this session

South Carolina Radio Network
May 03, 2018 - 11:41 am

MAY 3, 2018 BY BILL DUBENSKY (South Carolina Radio Network)

A proposal on term limits for South Carolina lawmakers advanced out of a state Senate subcommittee Wednesday.

A Senate Judiciary Subcommittee held a hearing and voted favorably to advance term limits for legislators.

A term-limit bill won’t get a vote this session with just four days remaining. But it still passed unanimously by a subcommittee made up all freshman senators.

Subcommittee Chairman William Timmons, R-Greenville, opened the meeting by thanking Judiciary Committee Chairman Luke Rankin, R-Horry, for letting the meeting take place. “It’s an important first step towards determining whether term limits are appropriate for South Carolina,” he said.

Three Republican candidates for governor testified before the committee. Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, Catherine Templeton and John Warren all spoke in favor of the requirements.

Any term limit legislation would require changing the state constitution, meaning it would have to be approved by voters in a referendum if it does pass both the House and Senate.

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