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Some District 6 voters to use new devices

March 21, 2019 - 10:22 am

Some voters in Greenville County will experience a new way of voting in two polling locations on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. A special election is being conducted for the State Senate District 6 seat to fill the vacancy created when Senator William Timmons was elected to the US Congress.

The voting experience is provided by Dominion Voting as part of their certification process for the South Carolina State Election Commission. Dominion Voting is one of the possible suppliers of South Carolina’s next voting system.

At Stone Lake Community Club, voters in State Senate District 6 casting ballots for Greenville 1 or Greenville 3 precincts, will be provided a preprinted paper ballot to mark in private by darkening the ovals beside the candidate of their choosing. After reviewing their marked ballot, the voter will insert the paper ballot into a precinct scanner where their choices will be imaged and securely stored for election night tabulation. As always, the secrecy of the ballot and the voter’s choices will be protected.

At the First Church of God, Taylors, voters in State Senate District 6 casting ballots for Avon, Eastside, and Northwood precincts, will be given a voter access card which contains the electronic identification of their appropriate ballot style. Upon inserting the voter access card into the slot on the Ballot Marking Device (a 21” Tablet-Touch Screen), where their ballot will appear, voters will be presented an easy to read ballot.

Navigation tools allow the voter to advance through the electronic pages of their ballot. Again, the voter does this in private to protect the secrecy of the ballot. The voter will have a chance to review their choices and, when ready, touch a button to print the ballot as presented on the screen. A paper ballot will immediately print a listing of the voter’s choice in easy to read text.

After review, the voter will move to the precinct scanner to insert their ballot. Once inserted, the ballot image is captured and securely stored for tabulation at the closing of the polls on election night. Again, the secrecy of the ballot and how a voter cast their ballot is protected.

In both polling locations, voters with disabilities will be provided the opportunity to vote in private on an ADA compatible Ballot Marking Device using a custom ADA Compliant keypad, a headset and/or special binary devices as necessary. They may make their ballot choices via an audio ballot process. Once they are finished marking the ballot, their ballot will print to be inserted into the precinct scanner in the same manner as the other voters as described above.

Demonstration of this voting system will be available at County Square on Saturday, March 23rd from 11 am to 2 pm for anyone interested in viewing. Additionally, the voting system will be displayed in Suite 1900, County Square, Voter Registration and Elections, on Monday, March 25th, from 9 am to 4 pm for anyone wishing to see the system.

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