Too Many People Attended Party

Cause for clubhouse floor collapse

Patrick Gentry
December 05, 2018 - 2:54 pm

Engineers have determined what caused the floor to collapse at an apartment clubhouse in Clemson after a large crowd jumping up and down caused the flooring structure to give way. 

Twenty-nine students were taken to the hospital after the floor of a clubhouse at the Woodland of Clemson collapsed into the basement late October.

The report states the clubhouse had a maximum occupancy limit of 135 people, but that number is based off the capacity of the exits, not the load placed on the clubhouse floor.

The report went on to add the floor trusses had obviously failed in a catastrophic manner and rhythmic jumping of the closely spaced crowd attending the party overloaded the trusses but assessors believe the floor would have buckled under the weight of all the partygoers even without the dancing.

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