Traffic Death in Seneca

Investigation is Ongoing

Seth Stokes
January 19, 2018 - 9:03 am

A 25 year-old Seneca man died Thursday night in a traffic related incident; this incident appears to be related to a domestic issue between the him and his wife.

The first 911 call reporting this incident was received at 9:09 pm; it was reported a person had been struck by a motor vehicle in the 700 Block of South Fairplay Street in Seneca. 

John Taylor Bright, 25, resided at 701 South Townville Street. 

He was struck and run over at or near the driveway to his residence by 2005 Dodge 3500 pickup truck; the truck was being operated by his wife.

The body of Mr. Bright was dragged by the vehicle north on South Townville; west on South Seventh Street; and then south on South Fairplay Street. 

Mr. Bright was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple traumatic injuries. 

An autopsy will be conducted to assist with this death investigation; the manner of death is pending investigation. 

This is an active investigation by the Seneca Police with assistance from the SC Highway Patrol and Coroner Office. 

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