Twenty Year Old Sentenced To 40 Years

For gruesome KFC robbery

Patrick Gentry
October 12, 2018 - 11:52 am

A 20 year old Spartanburg County man sentenced to forty years in prisons or his part in the 2017 robbery-murder of a KFC Restaurant manager.  

Prosecutors showed the jury surveilance video showing Jyquez Freeman reaching over the body of 31 year old Anthony Duane Tiffany trying to open the restaurant's safe. 

Soliticor Barry Barnett said he was as guilty of the killing as if he had pulled the trigger. 

20-year old Deandrian Garcia who was convicted of shooting the restaurant manager three times is still awaiting sentencing.  

He is seen on video kicking the victim when they were unable to open the safe, then emptying his pockets.

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