U of SC?

New abbreviation provokes response

Evan Smith
January 11, 2019 - 3:42 pm

Say USC around here and pretty much everyone will know which school you’re referring to.

But apparently that’s not the case nationwide, and now the University of South Carolina has announced it is through with trying to compete with the USC out west – the University of Southern California.  

Now it plans to go by a new abbreviation.

Ready for it? 

U of SC.

Yeah... well, evidently more than 71 percent of people across the country associate U of SC with South Carolina, but South Carolina fans aren’t too pleased by the new logo, at least if you check Twitter.

Some of which we obviously can’t repeat on air, but one summed up the situation with the suggestion: “Let’s have a random 4 year old draw us up something better.”

School officials admit there was some confusion by the announcement but promise by the end of the semester they’re going to like it.

We shall see.

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