Upstate Student Arrested

Threat on Social Media

Seth Stokes
February 15, 2018 - 8:55 am

A freshman at Broome High School has been arrested after threatening staff and students on the social media app Snapchat.

From Kevin Bobo of the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office:

"Last night shortly before midnight, a parent who lives in Spartanburg School District 3 notified this office of a possible threat of a school shooting incident. Upon deputies’ arrival at the residence, the parent advised his daughter had shown him a Snapchat picture of a white male juvenile wearing a partial mask holding an apparent assault rifle.

The poster had captioned the picture with the words of round 2 of Florida tomorrow. That parent and daughter identified the poster of that picture as a freshman at Broome High School. After consulting with the Solicitor’s Office, deputies then responded to suspect’s residence.

After informing the suspect and his parents of the law violation, the suspect stated his Snapchat post was just intended as a joke, and that he didn’t have any serious intentions. His parents consented to a search of their residence. The mask and weapon were recovered, the authentic looking assault weapon was in fact an airsoft rifle, and the suspect didn’t have access to any real weapons. The suspect was charged with Disturbing Schools, detained, and transported to a Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Greenville, SC.

Because suspect is a juvenile, we are not releasing his name or the Snapchat photo."

The district says it is fully cooperating with law enforcement.

From Sherri Horton, Spartanburg Dist. 3 Public Information Coordinator:

"Due to an anonymous tip from a student, on Thursday, February 14, 2018, Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department was made aware of a threat to the safety of the students and staff of Broome High School, which was posted via Snap Chat.  Spartanburg County Sheriff’s department investigated the posting and arrested a Broome High School ninth grade student, charging him with Disturbing Schools.

Spartanburg County School District Three officials were made aware of a threat in the early morning hours of February 15. 

The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the safety of every student, the District Three Administration and Board of Trustees are providing additional security at the school.

Kenny Blackwood, superintendent, stated, “The District would like to commend the student who came forward with information.  It is this kind of courage to speak out that can and will prevent tragedies.”

We are cooperating with the authorities on this matter.  We can make no further comment at this time as this is an ongoing investigation." 

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