What Was The Cost To Taxpayers?

For Drag Queen Story Hour

Patrick Gentry
February 20, 2019 - 3:48 pm

Members of Greenville County Council discussed the security costs that were incurred from the Drag Queen Story hour this past Sunday at the Five Forks Library in Simpsonville.

Councilman Joe Dill and Councilman Willis Meadows requested to know how much the county had to pay due to security for the Drag Queen Story hour. Both council members are working to draft an ordinance that would require any outside group using a county facility to have to cover the expense of any security costs that arise due to an event.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office says the bill for taxpayers for Drag Queen story hour is nearly fifty thousand dollars. That tab includes almost forty thousand dollars for over twelve hundred-man hours spent for security and nearly twelve hundred dollars for lunch. That’s just the Greenville County cost and not factoring in the number of hours spent by state or federal agents that were present for the event.

Many of the deputies that responded had to be called in on their time off to prepare for and work during the event.

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