Wofford College Does It Again

Princeton Review's Best Value List

Lee Rogers
January 29, 2019 - 7:28 pm

Wofford College


SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Wofford College again has been included among the nation’s best colleges for students receiving a superb education with great career preparation at an affordable price, according to The Princeton Review.

The education services company profiles Wofford in the just-published 2019 edition of its annual guide, “The Best Value Colleges: 200 Schools with Exceptional ROI for Your Tuition Investment.”

Information on the book, its institutional profiles and its seven categories of ranking lists is accessible for free on The Princeton Review’s website at https://www.princetonreview.com/college-rankings/best-value-colleges/.

“Wofford continues to be among the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country on the key issues that most concern families regarding higher education – access, diversity, quality and completion,” Wofford President Nayef H. Samhat says. “Being included in this publication of The Princeton Review, a very prestigious name in education, shows how much we at Wofford value providing an excellent education that is affordable.”

Wofford consistently is named in other national college guides and publications as being a best value in higher education, including The New York Times, which has ranked the college as the top South Carolina institution that is doing the most for low-income students.

“Our extraordinary and transformational educational experience is accessible and socio-economically diverse, and we graduate superior students on time,” Samhat adds.

The guide notes that at Wofford, more than 90 percent of the student body receives some form a financial assistance. Wofford awards more than $55 million in scholarships and grants.

Based on current student interviews, the guide also says this about Wofford’s career preparation services for students:

“Undergrads at Wofford feel that the college provides them with ‘many opportunities to pursue [their] career goals.’ For starters, it does a great job ‘keep[ing] students extremely connected to alumni.’ Ultimately, this provides tremendous ‘help [when it comes to] job searches and internships.’ At Wofford’s amazing The Space (in the) Mungo Center, a full-service office for both professional development and entrepreneurship, undergrads can jump-start on their interview prep, networking, and resume writing skills. The career counselors here provide students with actionable job search strategies that make landing that first gig surprisingly easy. The average starting salary for recent Wofford graduates is $48,800, according to PayScale.com.”

Curt McPhail, executive director of The Space in the Mungo Center, says, “Wofford teaches students critical thinking and communications skills, then empowers them with opportunities for real-world experience, building on their liberal arts education. It’s what employers need and what graduate schools want. A Wofford graduate is prepared for what’s next.”

The publication also ranked Wofford #25 “Best Alumni Network” colleges of the 200 institutions included in the guide. The ranking is based on the student rankings of alumni activity and visibility on campus.

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