A roundabout along Connection Parkway

Image: City of Greenville

Woodruff Road Relief

Could be by summer

March 20, 2019 - 4:00 am

As early as this summer, there should be some relief coming to the traffic situation on Woodruff Road.  

Woodruff Road bypass
Image: City of Greenville
The City of Greenville is calling it Connection Parkway (although the name won't come up to the Planning Commission until Thursdsay for approval..) Crews are in the process now of grading, installing culverts and working on storm drainage.  It’s a bypass to Woodruff Road that will run parallel to the busy roadway from Verde Boulevard to Woodruff Industrial Lane.  It will also connect to Green Heron Road and Ketron Court using roundabouts – no traffic lights.  Additional improvements include the construction of a right-turn lane on Verdae Boulevard and a right-turn lane on Woodruff Industrial Lane, as well as improvements to Woodruff Industrial Lane from the intersection of the new road to the existing curb and gutter.

It’s also going to be cyclist and pedestrian friendly with a 10 foot wide multi use path with street lamps, quite unlike Woodruff Road.  This path will eventually connect with the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Heavy rains have delayed a lot of its construction, although if you drive along Verde, you can see the entrance to the roadway already partially completed.

The road was initially an access road for Piedmont Natural Gas trucks, which has a facility located behind Target, so their trucks could avoid Woodruff.  PNG is giving the property to Greenville for this project.

The connector project relies on a mix of funding from the public and private sector.


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