Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You

S.C. gas price increased due to tax

Patrick Gentry
July 01, 2019 - 12:41 pm

Starting this morning you are paying two cents more at the pump as part of the state’s roads bill, which started in 2017.

Every July the gas tax will increase by two pennies though the year 2022. This will be the third increase.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has said that the money raised through the gas tax will help fund rural road repairs, bridge projects, and interstate widening projects. SCDOT is reporting that nearly 100 projects have already been completed, totaling more than $71 million in repairs.

The Freedom Action Network helped customers Monday morning at the Eagles Gas Station on Pelham Road by paying the gas tax for customers.

The group said it wanted to raise awareness about where taxpayer money is going.

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