Anne Robards

I have been working for 106.3 WORD since before we were on the FM dial. I am a Clemson Graduate. B.A. English Literature/Minor: Journalism I have been known to jump out of airplanes. Perfectly good ones. I have my CWP, love to shoot and am an excellent shot. I love to run, cook, paint, fish, water-ski and was a competitive diver. I'm a military brat, youngest daughter of an Air Force Colonel and a beautiful Norweigan mom. Married an Irishman named Dan Roberts and have a menagerie of furry critters. After graduating from Clemson, I traveled the U.S. and Canada with a professional theater company for two years as an actress and professional pianist. Landed a scholarship at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco and worked in t.v. and on stage in various productions and commercials. Came back home to Greenville to look after my Mom and Dad and after a play production here in town, I was approached by an audience member who asked me if I would be interested in reporting traffic on the radio! I worked my way up to the job of Director of Operations for Metro Networks Traffic and was hired by 106.3 WORD as a part-time news reporter back when we were only on the AM dial. When Metro Networks disolved, 106.3 WORD kept me on and the rest - as they say - is history! I love my job. I love working for Bobby Mac for many, many reasons. One of which is that he actually knew Lawrence Welk. Two true gentlemen. Two of my heros.