Roger Davis

Roger Davis is a veteran broadcaster with more than forty years experience in news gathering and reporting. He earned an English degree (BA) from West Texas A&M University with a minor in mass communication and has won regional Emmys and the DuPont-Columbia award as a television reporter, producer and anchorman in Atlanta. But Roger's success was founded years earlier right here in the Upstate while working as a "cub reporter" with some of the region's legendary broadcasters. (After early retirement Roger had returned to his hometown of Greenville to be closer to his family, especially his four grandchildren, but soon found that life without a deadline just wasn't the same. So he went back to work as a radio newsman, as it happened, just in time for Nine-Eleven. He is especially pleased with the opportunity at Entercom and WORD to be working with Lee Rogers, a former colleague and occasional competitor, but always a friend. Roger is a Hands-on-Greenville volunteer, a member of the vestry at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (where he also mows the lawn) and an incurable minor league baseball fan.)