Drexel Professor

Professor slams Military

Bob McLain
March 31, 2017 - 1:50 pm

Time for another edition of Stoopid Skool Nooze.

First a "Professor" in where else, Kalifornia who was supposed to be teaching a class in Human Sexuality went off on President Trump saying his election was "an act of terorism". Think the Prof was suspended or fired? Bwahahaha. NO, she was named "Faculty member of the Year" and the student who recorded her comments in class was suspended. WOW.

But that's nothing compared to this jerk at Drexel University. Last Christams he tweeted "All I want for Christmas is white genocide". He's white himself by the way, so why not set an example and begin the process by killing yourself Professor?

Tons of blowback on this, including from a Seal Team 6 member...


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