Hole In One

Hole In One

Bob McLain
April 10, 2017 - 1:22 pm

Matt Kucher had a great hole in one on #16 in the final round of Sunday's Masters. I've only had one Ace in all the years I've played golf and now I've been robbed of the glory of it. I'm sure it was just an accident of memory that credited my ace to someone else.

Here's what happened. There's an article in the latest Golf Digest magazine with CBS sportscaster Verne Lundquist recounting some of his experiences during his career. One of the stories talked about hisn playing in a charity golf event in Dallas and hitting a shot just inches from the hole on #13 at Los Colinas. It was a closest to the pin hole and Verne said the prize was 2 tickets from American Airlines to anywhere in the world. He said he was already making travel plans when Charley McClendon, former LSU football coach hit a hole in one, robbing Verne of his prize.

It's a great story. Except it didn't happen that way. Verne did hit a shot very close to the hole. McClendon playing behind him also hit a great shot about an inch from the hole. Then my group came along and we all commented "Nobody's gonna get one closer than that", since we could see the marker from Charley's shot on the green. I was the last to hit in our group and as soon as I hit it Bud Dudley, the founder of the Liberty Bowl, said "That's in the hole!". It bounced once and went in. Paul Dietzell, also a former LSU football coach was in our group and he laughed when he saw that my shot had robbed McClendon of the prize.

One more thing, American did offer the tickets as a prize that day, but it was on a different par 3 hole, one about 220 yards long.

I did win the prize for the Ace, a $500 check from Marathon Oil Co.

I'm sure Verne's memory just failed him in this one instance.

I sent an email to Golf Digest to see if they'll correct the record. I probably wouldn't have said anything but it was the only Ace I ever had and I'd like to get credit for it. :)

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