The American Public Wasn't the Intended Audience for the Stunt Kathy Griffin Pulled Yesterday

That Was a Job Interview

The Tara Show
June 03, 2017 - 10:48 am

The press conference Griffin held yesterday was a job interview, and it was aimed at news execs, Hollywood and other liberal media enclaves with TV hiring power. Griffin's arguments about misogyny and race may seem bizarre to rational people, given that she was the one holding the severed head, but I've worked in liberal newsrooms, and she is playing this exactly right. Watching her cry on TV because Trump bullied her and ruined her life is breaking liberal hearts in executive suites across the country and she knows it. She's not trying to win the country over, she's auditioning for a better job. Just wait. She'll get an even bigger gig than she had within a year. #guaranteed

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