Greenville School Board to Raise Taxes for 2nd Time in 6 Weeks

Yes, You Read That Correctly

The Tara Show
June 12, 2017 - 3:45 pm

The Greenville County School Board appears to have the votes to pass its second tax increase in just 6 weeks. The first one was for operations. This one will help pay to expand existing school buildings and build new ones to accomodate Greenville's growing student population. 

More students need more space, but you'd think more students would mean more parents moving to Greenville County with them and thus more people paying taxes. Whatever the case, the first tax didn't hit homeowners, the second will cost the owner of an $180,000 home $33 extra a year. If you own a business you'll be hit twice, because you'll pay both new taxes.

Get ready to pay up. The vote is June 27, but it looks like they have the votes to pass it. 



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