SC Can't Drill off it's Coast Because an Oil Spill Could Devastate Us?

Actually, no. Here's why.

The Tara Show
June 28, 2017 - 10:17 am

There is more natural gas and oil off the SC/NC coast than along the rest of the Eastern seaboard combined. This vast wealth could add close to a billion dollars a year to state tax coffers and and creat 11,000 + jobs if pursued.

But a few whiny pants politicians on the coast and the media hysterics in our state newsrooms are arguing we shouldn't go after it because a spill could devastate coastal fisherman who make a living trawling the waters and the tourism industry.

As evidence, they point the the 2010 BP Horizon spill. But what about that? First, oil spills are extremely rare. And a new study, aimed at figuring out where the oil disappeared to (it was supposed to linger and pollute the area for 20 + years) has found something remarkable.

Nature took care of it. It's gone. Why? It was devoured by ocean dwelling bacteria. In fact, and you'll never read this in the Greenville News, where truth goes to die, but what about the fishing industry, which they claim would be devastated by a spill off the coast?

"Due largely to these oil-eating bacteria, the Gulf of Mexico recovered from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill faster than scientists thought possible and has returned to pre-spill levels of environmental health.

Before the spill, a scientific survey of the Gulf’s environmental health gave the region 71 out of 100 points. One year after the spill, the Gulf’s score was a 68 because of the oil eating microbes. Since 2010, seafood catches from the Gulf were average compared to pre-spill years."

That's right. Incredibly, no long term damage. Making the oil spill arguement something of a, well,  red herring.

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