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The Modern Era of Upland Gamebird Hunting

Phillip Gentry Old time hunters may remember “back in the day” when quail hunting on neighborhood farms was a common thing. No one bothered too much about getting permission or where to hunt because quail were so plentiful throughout the south. Unfortunately, changes in land use have dwindled... Read More

The Origins Of Resident Canada Geese

Phillip Gentry Depending on your perspective, South Carolina and much of the southeast is blessed to have an abundant Canada goose population. Some folks hate them, others love them. Despite what you see on television of big black faced birds making long migrations each fall, all but a very small... Read More

Winter Crappie Fishing Isn’t Always A Numbers Game

Phillip Gentry Over the years, crappie fishermen have become spoiled with catching crappie by the numbers. Although trolling for the feisty panfish has been around in one form or another for years, it’s only in the last 10 years or so that crappie anglers have really upped their game using bigger,... Read More

Hunting The Lock Down

Phillip Gentry If there was a halftime in deer hunting, that time would be now. The whitetail deer season has been open, depending on which Game Zone you identify with, since either mid-September, the first of October, or back during the summer in mid August. Many Upstate deer hunters have a phrase... Read More

Follow These Fall Fishing Patterns

Phillip Gentry When the end of October rolls around, there are two things on Tim Blackwell’s mind – baitfish and deer. On the days he is not sitting in a deer stand waiting on a big buck to wander by, he’s out on one of the major reservoirs around the Upstate looking for baitfish. “This time of... Read More

Piecing Together The Puzzle Of Deer Movement

Phillip Gentry It’s that time of year again when whitetail deer begin engaging in the breeding season. If you are a deer hunter, this time of year is referred to as “The Rut”. For deer hunters, the rut typically means more deer movement at odd times of day or any time of day. Unfortunately, it can... Read More

A Constitutional Right To Hunt And Fish

Phillip Gentry In 2009, the South Carolina General Assembly jointly wrote and prepared an amendment to the constitution of the state of South Carolina. The amendment centered around guaranteeing the citizens of the state the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife traditionally pursued. The... Read More

A “Primitive” Weapon No More

Phillip Gentry This week-end marks the first and only week-end of primitive weapons season in both Game Zones 1 and 2. While archery season, which includes crossbows, has been open in Game Zone 2 since September 15, primate firearms season opened in both zones on October 1 and runs until October 10... Read More

Make Use of Public Fish Attractors For Great Fall Crappie Fishing

Phillip Gentry With the summer starting to loosen it’s grip on the Upstate and outdoorsmen being split between chasing deer in the woods and following college football, the lakes around the Upstate are really starting to empty out. Now it the time to head out to your favorite fishing grounds to... Read More

Last Minute Severe Weather Tips For Outdoorsmen

Phillip Gentry This past week has been a long vigil of keeping one eye on the daily tasks at hand and the other eye on television, phone or other weather forecasts and predictions about impending Hurricane Florence. The appropriately named “spaghetti models” have the storm’s path crossing the... Read More