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5 Tips To Help Be Prepared For Fishing In Bad Weather

For die-hard anglers, fishing is a way of life no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Rarely are fishing tournaments cancelled simply because conditions are going to be uncomfortable for the angler. In cases of cold, wind, rain, or any combination of the above, being prepared for adverse... Read More

Knock On Wood

With the first segment of the 2019 – 2020 waterfowl season opening soon (November 23 – November 30), many waterfowl hunters are getting ready to take to the local swamps, sloughs, ponds and other half water/half land venues to do some duck hunting. One of the most common of the local duck species,... Read More

Stuck In The Rut

Have you ever heard this statement around deer camp– “We need to get some cold weather to get the rut going?” of course you have. You might have even been the one who said it. If you did you’re wrong. According to Mark Buxton, of Southeastern Wildlife Habitat Services in Magnolia, Alabama, a... Read More

By A Long Shot

Jerry Land grew up hunting in rural Pennsylvania and like many deer hunters in South Carolina had little opportunity to shoot whitetail deer at distances greater than 100 yards. After a career in the United States Air Force and a second career with the Department of Interior, Land discovered... Read More

Climb Your Way To Deer Hunting Success

If you were to survey any given piece of hunting property, there are always areas that cry out to be hunted. The majority of the times, these areas are soon saddled with a permanent hunting stand -be it a ladder stand, box stand or other permanent fixture. The hunter may even be successful in... Read More

Does Fall Crappie Fishing Compare With Spring Crappie Fishin

Nationally recognized crappie fishing guide Brad Whitehead loves to fish for crappie 12 months out of the year. He enjoys the changes in seasons and the challenges of figuring out patterns as crappie behavior changes with those seasons. With Fall in the air, many crappie anglers draw similarities... Read More

Baiting Vs Food Plots For Deer Hunting

This week-end marks the opening of the firearms season for whitetail deer hunting in the Upstate. While many may have been in the woods with bow or muzzle loader for a couple of weeks or more, this week-end will definitely see a surge of hunters in the woods. Hunters who hunt on private land have... Read More

Deer Pack Essentials

The sport of deer hunting has not been immune from advances in technology and tactics when it comes to taking a stand for hunting whitetails. Deer hunters run the gamut from bringing nothing more than a weapon and a pair of boots to an organized pack that contains everything but the kitchen sink... Read More

Salt Water Bassin'

Out of all the months in the calendar, September might be the best month for chasing redfish. This fact is due partly to cooling water temperatures, more stable weather patterns (so long as the tropics behave) and the fishing on inland lakes is not that good. A bass angler, meaning someone who... Read More

Stick and String Strategies

Stan Hawkins has been hunting deer in the woods around his Upstate South Carolina home since he was a youngster. He killed his first deer with a bow nearly 27 years ago and has learned much in his years of deer hunting about where big bucks prefer to hang out. One of his most memorable deer hunts... Read More