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Last Chance for Bagging Bushtails

Phillip Gentry Like many small game hunting opportunities, March 1 will mark the end of the 2019 squirrel hunting season at least as far as the use of guns to take the animals is concerned. Many hunters are witnessing the resurgence in popularity of squirrels as a game species in the last decade... Read More

Making Effective Use of Crankbaits

Phillip Gentry Regardless of whether you are fishing a major impoundment or a private farm pond, few could argue that crankbaits are one of the best bass catchingest baits you could tie on your line, especially during warming weather when a bass’ metabolism is picking up and they are actively... Read More

Planning For Spring Crappie Fishing

Phillip Gentry On a walk during a cold, but sunny afternoon this week, it was hard not to notice that spring is not far away. Early robins were ferreting through the grass, the trees are beginning to sprout buds and daffodil stalks are pushing up through the flowerbeds, a sure sign it’s time to get... Read More

Creating Habitat Is A Good Off Season Practice

Phillip Gentry In the eyes of fishermen, the tradition of sinking the holiday Christmas tree in a location that will create habitat for fish is second only to the celebration of the Holidays themselves. Now is the time of year when decorations come down and the family Christmas tree is relegated to... Read More

New Kayak Fishing Skills For Your Arsenal

Phillip Gentry A lot of anglers enter the sport of fishing via a paddle boat. It’s less expensive than buying a motor boat and trailer and can be used just about anywhere there’s water. However, kayak fishing is not without some specialized skills that will help you be a better angler Probably the... Read More

How To Choose The Right Fishing Rod

Phillip Gentry At first blush, fishing rods have nearly all the same components – a long slender rod, called the blank, guides that the line flows through from the fishing reel to the rod tip, a handle where you hold the rod, and a reel seat that secures the reel to the rod. Fishing rods come in... Read More

Make the Best of Rainy Winter Fishing

Phillip Gentry If you are like every other resident of the Upstate, you are sick and tired of seeing the endless deluge of precipitation fall from the sky. As we ushered in the New Year, current rainfall levels were dramatically above normal seasonal rainfall amounts. The upside for anglers is that... Read More

Claim Your New Year’s Day Buck

Phillip Gentry Deer hunters are funny. Many of them sit in the deer stand through the early and mid-seasons, peering through the woods hoping to see a trophy deer. “I can’t wait for the leaves to drop, then I can see all that area out there and over that way and back up there” they say... Read More

A Self Reliant Christmas Idea

Phillip Gentry During this time of year everyone is asking “What is the best gift for the outdoorsman in my life?” Most outdoorsmen go ahead and buy what they want or need as soon as they figure out they need it. Second is it is extremely difficult to guess what specific gear fits that person best... Read More

The Modern Era of Upland Gamebird Hunting

Phillip Gentry Old time hunters may remember “back in the day” when quail hunting on neighborhood farms was a common thing. No one bothered too much about getting permission or where to hunt because quail were so plentiful throughout the south. Unfortunately, changes in land use have dwindled... Read More