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Time Running Out To Apply For 2019 Alligator Hunting Tags

Few outdoor pursuits provide as big an adrenaline rush as stalking a trophy sized alligator. In recent years, the state of South Carolina has produced several gators that topped the scales at 1,000 pounds and over 13 feet in length. Many Upstate residents have discovered the thrill and camaraderie... Read More

Don’t Forget Your Kayak During Summer Vacation

Phillip Gentry The beauty of the month of June is that no matter what flavor water you dump your Tupperware boat into, there’s plenty of action to be found. June also brings about the beginning of the summer season when the kids are out of school and beach and lake houses fill up with vacationers... Read More

Fishing From Shore

Phillip Gentry Each year, over a million people take to the water in the state of South Carolina to fish. Of this number, it’s estimated that almost half of them fish from land at some point, and 20% fish from land full time. Overwhelmingly, spring and summer are the two biggest seasons when land... Read More

Eating Gar

Phillip Gentry While the South Carolina Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series kicks off next week from John’s Island on the southern coast, South Carolina’s unofficial freshwater billfish is also beginning to make appearances in lakes and reservoirs around the Upstate. The official name of the inshore... Read More

Spawning Shad Key To Catching Early Morning Bass

Phillip Gentry Imagine for a minute that a restaurant in town opened up and gave away free food. A No waiting, all-you-can-eat restaurant, that was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People would eat there, a lot. That scenario is essentially what you have occurring in most of the lakes and... Read More

This Weekend’s Full Moon Good Time To Fish For Bream

Phillip Gentry After the spring storms move through the Upstate this Easter weekend, the pull of the full moon has a lot of Upstate anglers thinking about bream fishing. For veteran bream angler Jim Reedy, finding and catching bream entails a mix of new technology and old school know how. “Don’t... Read More

Keowee Crappie

Phillip Gentry The state of South Carolina is home to a variety of lakes, rivers, and impoundments that hold abundant numbers of crappie. While a debate over the best crappie locations in the state could rage on for hours, there would be a very small number of people who would put Lake Keowee at... Read More

Take Your Pick For Lake Jocassee Bass

Phillip Gentry All the focus this week-end is on bass fishing as the Bassmaster Elite tour makes another stop at Lake Hartwell. This tournament is a regular tour stop, unlike the Bassmaster Classics that were held on the lake in 2015 and again in 2018. If bass fishing is more your thing over bass... Read More

Kayak Bass Fishing – Not Your Standard Bass Tournament

Phillip Gentry The Bassmaster Elite Series and MLF Bass Pro Tour don’t have anything on bass anglers who fish from plastic boats thanks in large part to two national organizations who have organized national, regional and local bass fishing tournaments that provide that competitive outlet for kayak... Read More

Turkey Hunting Fails To Avoid

Phillip Gentry Hunting season for Easter Wild Turkey opened last Wednesday, but this week-end represents the first turkey hunting outing of the year for many Upstate hunters. With dwindling numbers of birds being reported by state wildlife biologists and hunter participation remaining at high... Read More