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A Constitutional Right To Hunt And Fish

Phillip Gentry In 2009, the South Carolina General Assembly jointly wrote and prepared an amendment to the constitution of the state of South Carolina. The amendment centered around guaranteeing the citizens of the state the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife traditionally pursued. The... Read More

A “Primitive” Weapon No More

Phillip Gentry This week-end marks the first and only week-end of primitive weapons season in both Game Zones 1 and 2. While archery season, which includes crossbows, has been open in Game Zone 2 since September 15, primate firearms season opened in both zones on October 1 and runs until October 10... Read More

Make Use of Public Fish Attractors For Great Fall Crappie Fishing

Phillip Gentry With the summer starting to loosen it’s grip on the Upstate and outdoorsmen being split between chasing deer in the woods and following college football, the lakes around the Upstate are really starting to empty out. Now it the time to head out to your favorite fishing grounds to... Read More

Last Minute Severe Weather Tips For Outdoorsmen

Phillip Gentry This past week has been a long vigil of keeping one eye on the daily tasks at hand and the other eye on television, phone or other weather forecasts and predictions about impending Hurricane Florence. The appropriately named “spaghetti models” have the storm’s path crossing the... Read More

Don’t Forget Your Phone 

Phillip Gentry Anytime a deer hunter mentions the fact that they carry a smart phone into the woods when deer hunting, the news is received with mixed reactions. Many deer hunters feel that the woods are a place to get inside your own head, or maybe inside the head of a deer, and commune one-on-one... Read More

Make Use Of Trail Cameras

By: Philip Gentry On the eve of the 2018 whitetail deer season, deer hunters have been spending pre-season in the woods scouting for deer, preparing stand sites and working on food plots. Over the last 10 -15 years automated game cameras, also referred to as trail cameras, have become as integral... Read More

A Little Archery Maintenance Goes A Long Way

Phillip Gentry Whitetail deer hunters in the Upstate are busily preparing for the upcoming deer season. Unlike areas in the lower part of the state, where deer season opened 10 days ago (August 15), those who hunt in areas from Columbia north have a later season start as well as opening to an... Read More

Fishing You Can Bank On

Phillip Gentry Very often during the Saturday weekly outdoor radio program, Upstate Outdoors, we get calls and texts from Upstate residents asking where are the best places to fish from the bank. In days gone by, land based fishing was probably more the norm than today where South Carolina ranks... Read More

Don’t Give Up On Summer Outdoor Activities

Phillip Gentry If you think about it, August is like February in reverse for outdoors fans. All summer long, you’ve been there, done that and now it’s getting to the point that it’s just too dang hot to do more. Don’t fret, because a lot of people suffer from the summer doldrums while waiting for... Read More