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Learn The Basics of Fly Rod Fishing For Bream

Learn The Basics of Fly Rod Fishing For Bream

There are probably more books written about fly fishing than any other tactic to catch fish. Writers wax poetic about high dollar bamboo rods used to make the perfect presentation of hand tied dry flies in order to match the hatch for majestic river run trout. This type of fishing conjures up... Read More
Sustainable Harvest

Sustainable Harvest

Up until a couple weeks ago, one of the things an outdoorsman never wanted to do was figure up the cost of how much money was spent on hunting and/or fishing and then divide that dollar amount by the weight of meat or fish in the freezer. Doing that was depressing. In recent years, sportsmen have... Read More
Herring Lakes

How To Fish Herring Lakes For Bass

If you spend much time around professional bass fishing tournaments, you’ll often hear an angler who is really good at catching largemouth or smallmouth bass in other parts of the country throw up his hands in disdain for bass fishing lakes with blueback herring in them. Herring lakes throw a lot... Read More
Pre-Season Tips

Pre-Season Turkey Scouting Tips

New for the 2020 season, the Upstate of South Carolina will once again be opening turkey season on April. If this doesn’t sound like news, then you missed the five-year period when state legislators succumbed to hunters pressuring them to align the season dates across the state, but instead of... Read More

Slow Trolling For Crappie

With the promise of the coming spring, both crappie and crappie anglers are preparing for the coming spawning season in a few weeks. This time of year, casual observers may note an angler or two, sitting in the front of a boat with a multitude of long fishing rods sticking out in all directions... Read More
Rabbit Hunting

Run & Gun Rabbits

“Hunt in here” the mantra of the dog handler rings across the frosted hillside as the late February sun begins to peak over the East side of McCormick County. The beagles are antsy from the drive down to the farm but from the active wagging of tails working through the straw grass. It’s obvious the... Read More
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Last Chance For Canada Geese

For all of the seemingly carefree lifestyles that Canada geese enjoy in the Upstate of South Carolina, the life of a goose is actually pretty treacherous. The reasons for that is because resident Canada geese have a longer “open season” on them than any other waterfowl species. You may recall... Read More
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Try The Garlic Chicken, To Catch Catfish

Catfishermen are well-known for searching far and wide for that “magic catfish bait” to tempt catfish into biting a hook. The list includes all manor of natural baitfish, other aquatic substances and even a few concoctions straight from the kitchen. Capt Mac Byrum, a retired fishing guide who hails... Read More
Tips For Quail Hunting On A Preserve

Tips For Quail Hunting On A Preserve

Before Big Game hunting of whitetail deer and Eastern wild turkey became the flagship species for hunters in the southeastern United States, bobwhite quail was king. Back in the days when boys used to roll up into the high school parking lot with shotguns perched in gun racks in the back window of... Read More
Long Rod

Mastering The Long Rod

One of the most frequent complaints expressed by crappie anglers new to the sport is frustration over handling a fishing pole that in some cases may be longer than the boat the angler is fishing from. Veteran crappie angler Ronnie Capps explained explain that mastering the long rod even took him... Read More