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This Weekend’s Full Moon Good Time To Fish For Bream

Phillip Gentry After the spring storms move through the Upstate this Easter weekend, the pull of the full moon has a lot of Upstate anglers thinking about bream fishing. For veteran bream angler Jim Reedy, finding and catching bream entails a mix of new technology and old school know how. “Don’t... Read More

Keowee Crappie

Phillip Gentry The state of South Carolina is home to a variety of lakes, rivers, and impoundments that hold abundant numbers of crappie. While a debate over the best crappie locations in the state could rage on for hours, there would be a very small number of people who would put Lake Keowee at... Read More

Take Your Pick For Lake Jocassee Bass

Phillip Gentry All the focus this week-end is on bass fishing as the Bassmaster Elite tour makes another stop at Lake Hartwell. This tournament is a regular tour stop, unlike the Bassmaster Classics that were held on the lake in 2015 and again in 2018. If bass fishing is more your thing over bass... Read More

Kayak Bass Fishing – Not Your Standard Bass Tournament

Phillip Gentry The Bassmaster Elite Series and MLF Bass Pro Tour don’t have anything on bass anglers who fish from plastic boats thanks in large part to two national organizations who have organized national, regional and local bass fishing tournaments that provide that competitive outlet for kayak... Read More

Turkey Hunting Fails To Avoid

Phillip Gentry Hunting season for Easter Wild Turkey opened last Wednesday, but this week-end represents the first turkey hunting outing of the year for many Upstate hunters. With dwindling numbers of birds being reported by state wildlife biologists and hunter participation remaining at high... Read More

Turkey Season Opens Amid Concerns Over Dwindling Numbers

Phillip Gentry The long awaited 2019 Wild Turkey hunting season will officially open on private lands across the state next Wednesday, March 20. This year marks the fourth year since the opening dates were aligned across the state by state legislators. Opening day for public Wildlife Management... Read More

Spring Is A Great Time To Target Lake Jocassee Trout

Located in the northwest corner of South Carolina, beautiful, pristine Lake Joccassee offers anglers a variety of fishing adventures that are found nowhere else in the state. The 7,500 acre mountain lake is the deepest in the state, measuring depths of nearly 300 feet. The lake is fed by four... Read More

Catching Fish In High Muddy Water

Phillip Gentry The majority of anglers across the Upstate are looking forward to spring time fishing while at the same time wondering when the rain is finally going to let up. The above average rainfall has made most area lakes a mess with flooding muddy water that looks more like tomato soup than... Read More

Alternatives to Tying Knots

Phillip Gentry Transitioning from hunting season to fishing season frequently finds anglers preparing fishing tackle for the upcoming season. This often means replacing fishing line as well as retying rigs. For big game anglers, re-rigging is sometime more like a jigsaw puzzle, making sure this... Read More

Last Chance for Bagging Bushtails

Phillip Gentry Like many small game hunting opportunities, March 1 will mark the end of the 2019 squirrel hunting season at least as far as the use of guns to take the animals is concerned. Many hunters are witnessing the resurgence in popularity of squirrels as a game species in the last decade... Read More