Upstate Outdoors Blogs

The Velvet Touch

~Phillip Gentry Believe it or not, this week-end marks the Opening Day of deer season for two of the four Game Zones in the state of South Carolina. In Game Zone 4, which occupies the eastern section of the state from Kershaw County to Horry County, bow season opened on Thursday, August 15. The... Read More

Get Your Stink On

Phillip Gentry Walk into any bait and tackle shop during warm weather and it’s pretty easy to tell where the catfish section is. Along with lots of hooks, weights and other terminal tackle, you’ll see rows of peanut butter sized jars and containers that contain substances that may look sort of like... Read More

Gator Country

Phillip Gentry If you were drawn for a tag for the 2019 South Carolina Alligator Hunting Season, you’ve been notified by now. If not, better luck next year. Alligator season takes place across the lower coastal sections of the state, but that does not prevent Upstate alligator hunters from applying... Read More

The Swallows of Carolina

Romantics wax poetic about the swallows that return to the mission at San Juan Capistrano each year. Swallows migrate 6,000 miles from Goya, Argentina to San Juan Capistrano in large groups. The town of San Juan Capistrano welcomes visitors from all parts of the world to witness the return of the... Read More

Boat Food

~Phillip Gentry Volumes and volumes of books, newspaper and magazine articles have been written about food. What to eat, where to eat, how to prepare it and so on. Of this multitude of information, very little revolves around what to eat when you’re on a boat, not a cruise ship, but a boat,... Read More

Trolling Great Way To Catch Summer Fish

The end of June typically heralds the end of what many fishing fans refer to as “fishing season”. Water temperatures have risen above the 80 degree mark and by now most fish have vacated the shallows for more open water. To make things tougher, fish tend to become more scattered, although at times... Read More

Learning the Ropes For Proper Anchoring

Phillip Gentry With the summer boating season upon us and lots of people taking to the water, knowing how and where to anchor your boat is a very valuable skill. Without any type of parking brakes, about the only way you’ll have to keep you boat in one place when you’re out on the open water is... Read More

Time Running Out To Apply For 2019 Alligator Hunting Tags

Few outdoor pursuits provide as big an adrenaline rush as stalking a trophy sized alligator. In recent years, the state of South Carolina has produced several gators that topped the scales at 1,000 pounds and over 13 feet in length. Many Upstate residents have discovered the thrill and camaraderie... Read More

Don’t Forget Your Kayak During Summer Vacation

Phillip Gentry The beauty of the month of June is that no matter what flavor water you dump your Tupperware boat into, there’s plenty of action to be found. June also brings about the beginning of the summer season when the kids are out of school and beach and lake houses fill up with vacationers... Read More