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Fishing You Can Bank On

Phillip Gentry Very often during the Saturday weekly outdoor radio program, Upstate Outdoors, we get calls and texts from Upstate residents asking where are the best places to fish from the bank. In days gone by, land based fishing was probably more the norm than today where South Carolina ranks... Read More

Don’t Give Up On Summer Outdoor Activities

Phillip Gentry If you think about it, August is like February in reverse for outdoors fans. All summer long, you’ve been there, done that and now it’s getting to the point that it’s just too dang hot to do more. Don’t fret, because a lot of people suffer from the summer doldrums while waiting for... Read More

Mammals On The Move

Phillip Gentry You can learn a lot about the native wildlife of an area by what you see on the side of the road. Sometimes this means long unsavory glances at roadkill that unfortunately wandered out in the highway and was struck by an automobile. Other times it’s glimpses of live animals as they... Read More

Federal Bill Could Mean Millions For Wildlife Conservation

Phillip Gentry A recent report released by the National Wildlife Federation, the American Fisheries Society, and The Wildlife Society estimates that one third of America’s wildlife species are threatened. The list of threatened species extends beyond those animals considered imperiled and at high... Read More

Deer Pre-Season Starts Now

Phillip Gentry While many folks in the Upstate are counting down the days to the start of college football, this Sunday will mark the official two month countdown until the opening day of deer season in the Upstate (Game Zone 2). It’s a little bit longer if you hunt in Game Zone 1 in the mountains... Read More

Catfish On The Go

Phillip Gentry Freshwater anglers who are considering throwing in the towel for the season are missing out on some great eating-sized catfishing through the heat of summer. Water temperatures in the mid 80’s and even higher are not a problem for channel catfish and smaller blues in the 2 – 10 pound... Read More

New Fishing Rules And Regulations Take Effect This Week-End

Phillip Gentry If you are an Upstate anglers, it’s pretty much going to be status quo during this 4th of July week-end. Get up early, try to catch a few fish, get off the lake before the holiday pleasure boat crowd arrives, then maybe get back on the water around dark and see if anything is still... Read More

How To Make Boating Safer?

Phillip Gentry Last week, Larry Rottmann, a contributor to the local Springfield, Missouri newspaper, the Springfield News-Leader, penned an opinion piece suggesting it was time to ban bass boats from public waters. The article was full of rhetoric based on an incident where a large bass fishing... Read More

Find “Air Conditioned” Water To Catch Summertime Fish

Phillip Gentry When it gets hot during the summer, people prefer to spend time somewhere it’s cooler. That could mean up in the mountains, near the water at the beach, or inside where the air conditioner is running. Fish are really not that different. To find cooler water, fish also have several... Read More