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The Truth About Wild Hogs

The Truth About Wild Hogs

The fact that wild hogs, also referred to as feral pigs, are so prevalent across the state is not a matter of coincidence. According the DNR Deer and Turkey Project Coordinator Charles Ruth, who by way of protecting the state’s big game species, has become the state’s leading expert on hogs, feral... Read More
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Pre-Season Fishing Gear Maintenance Helps Avoid Mishaps Late

Although there are still a host of hunting opportunities left during the winter months, the end of deer season brings about thoughts of getting on the water to do some fishing, especially during mild winter days. For many, the boats, fishing tackle, and essential gear has gone unused for several... Read More

Scouting is Key To Successful Late Season Duck Hunting

Duck numbers across the country have fluctuated both up and down throughout history. In our nation’s early history, ducks along the various flyways once darkened the sky. Along with land use changes, hunting pressure increased, and a number of factors both here and up north combined to spread out... Read More

Late Season Dove Hunting Is Cure For Post-Holiday Hunting

Dove hunters who think the best shooting of the year is over about the time college football starts could be missing out if those fields of September gold are left forgotten at the end of the season. Within the framework of migratory bird hunting guidelines set forth by the federal authorities,... Read More
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Getting Unstuck From A Deer Stand

For outdoorsmen and women, getting stuck somewhere in the wilderness is something you get accustomed to from time to. The thought generally conjures up a four wheel drive vehicle on a muddy back road somewhere. Another kind of stuck can also happen during deer season, especially during the late... Read More
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Slippin’ On Second Season Ducks

The second segment of waterfowl season came in across South Carolina this past week and will run from December 12 until January 31, of next year. The first season lasted the week of Thanksgiving and gave a taste of hunting to both hunters and the ducks. Weather up north is starting to push ducks... Read More
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Coldwater Catfish Tips

With the official start of winter right around the corner, the start of winter fishing season is at hand. For catfish anglers that can mean good things as well as a few bad things. The weather may not be as pleasant as it is the other three seasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch catfish. In... Read More
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Make Getting Outdoors A Thanksgiving Tradition

Although Turkey Day may have come and gone, most folks consider the Thanksgiving holidays at least 4 days’ worth of time to be together with family and friends to celebrate what they are thankful for. A great time-honored tradition for outdoorsmen is to spend at least some of that time sharing in... Read More

5 Tips To Help Be Prepared For Fishing In Bad Weather

For die-hard anglers, fishing is a way of life no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Rarely are fishing tournaments cancelled simply because conditions are going to be uncomfortable for the angler. In cases of cold, wind, rain, or any combination of the above, being prepared for adverse... Read More

Knock On Wood

With the first segment of the 2019 – 2020 waterfowl season opening soon (November 23 – November 30), many waterfowl hunters are getting ready to take to the local swamps, sloughs, ponds and other half water/half land venues to do some duck hunting. One of the most common of the local duck species,... Read More