Dan Albert, Rep.


Dan Albert, author and entrepreneur with over three decades of business experience is seeking the Republican nomination in the South Carolina 4th congressional district contest. The first person on both his mom’s and his dad’s sides of the family to graduate from college, Dan earned a BA in economics from Tulane University, and an MBA from Harvard.

In his book, The Albert Plan to Save America, Dan presents a bold, comprehensive and transformational plan for We the People to take our country back. He believes that our nation is in distress, and that like-minded patriots must organize in order to repudiate the entrenched establishment political class, liberals, radical environmentalists and their globalist puppet masters.

Would you vote to eliminate or uphold the second amendment?
The Second Amendment should stand as written, but I would seek to do more than uphold the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment does not give American citizens the right to keep and bear arms, it simply affirms that we have a God-given, natural right to keep and bear arms, and that that right shall not be infringed. Our natural right to keep and bear arms has been seriously infringed to varying degrees state-by-state. We should eliminate those infringements.

I advocate for constitutional carry, and for national reciprocity. As we work to remove the restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, I believe that we should pursue an amendment that eliminates gun free zones, and permanently removes all infringements. In my book, The Albert Plan to Save America, I propose the following language for a constitutional amendment:

The individual right to keep and bear arms, whether openly or concealed, shall not be infringed except in venues, established by Congress, which are adequately secured and protected by sufficient armed law enforcement personnel. The individual right to keep and bear arms, whether openly or concealed, shall not be infringed by the imposition of any tax, limit on quantity, permit, license or registration.

Do you support or oppose the Trump administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum?
There is no such thing as free trade or fair trade. The notion of free trade goes against the national security of sovereign states. I believe the United States should pursue a policy of secure, strategic trade. China has been waging economic warfare against the United States for decades, and I believe that it is imperative that the United States repudiates China in a most decisive way. Tariffs are a bad idea, but using the preferred methods of banning certain products from China or placing restrictive quotas on the importation of certain products could also lead to or exacerbate a trade war.

Since I believe that we are already in a trade war with China, it is a moot point how we choose to retaliate, but tariffs may not necessarily have the desired effect of a dramatic reduction in the importation of certain products. When seeking to protect strategic industries like steel and aluminum, we should also take the opportunity to mandate that those industries implement right-to-work policies.

Would you vote to approve funding for a wall on the US/Mexican border?
We must be fully committed to using all available means to immediately secure our borders. Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution requires that the federal government protect each of the states against invasion. Since we are being invaded, the president has the authority to use the United States military, the National Guard and any other means available to him to fulfill his constitutional duty to protect our nation from invasion. The president even has authority to call up militia units of citizens to assist in that effort.

The entrenched establishment political class has been invested in maintaining the status quo in permitting massive illegal immigration into our country. Democrats have seen our open border policy as a means of increasing their constituency base, and the Republican establishment has not had the backbone to deal with the problem for fear of political repercussions. Our national security has suffered as a result of playing politics with illegal immigration.

Border security is not just about controlling illegal immigration. Our insecure, open borders have been very inviting to radical Islamic terrorists, drug cartels and those engaged in human trafficking. 

We the People must insist upon immediate and decisive action to secure our borders. We must hold our federal and state governments accountable to addressing this most urgent need. 

We should immediately militarize our border with Mexico. If instead of advertising that our back door is open, we advertised that anyone illegally entering our country would be subject to being shot, we would quickly eliminate the vast majority of illegal immigration. 

We must not allow the implementation of environmental laws on federal lands or litigation over eminent domain to impede our efforts to secure the border with a wall or other barrier. We must also reverse the damage caused by the creation of national monuments and wildlife areas along the border with Mexico, to which our border patrol agents are denied unfettered access. Bad Federal government policy effectively created corridors of safe passage for Mexican drug cartels to move illegals and drugs with impunity. This is a huge security breach that is not very well publicized outside of the immediate areas affected.

Would you vote to ease or tighten restrictions on abortion?
I would vote in favor of any legislation that would tighten restrictions on abortion, and I would vote against any legislation that funded Planned Parenthood. I believe that abortion in America is a national sin that invites the judgment of God.

We must amend the Constitution to recognize that life begins at conception, and that each life is entitled to protection from the moment of conception until the moment of death from natural causes. Abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia should be illegal in this country, just as murder is illegal. All life is precious, and should be protected. The strong should protect the weak. The healthy should protect the infirm. The living should protect the unborn.

To my pro-life friends that condone exceptions to abortion in the case of perceived endangerment to the life of the mother, rape or incest, I ask you to reconsider your position. The argument for allowing abortion for certain exceptions only undermines the value of life. If the life of the mother is at risk, doctors can use continuously improving technology to try to save both mother and child. In the case of incest, the rights of the child should prevail and the child should be permitted to live, even with likely health problems. In the case of rape, the rights of the child should prevail, for the mother could give the child up for adoption if she chooses. In the case of a child that has Down’s syndrome or other birth defect, that child should not be deprived of the right to life.

Do you believe the American election system can be compromised by internal or external forces?
Many patriotic Americans believe, as I do, that we no longer have election integrity in this country, so it has already been compromised, primarily by internal forces. Furthermore, I believe that we may be one election away from losing our ability to restore integrity to our elections. 

There is much soft rigging of elections that happens with the media bias, fraudulent polling designed to lead public opinion, the clustering of illegals to pad electoral votes in sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, federal courts denying states the right to assure election integrity in their state, coordinated daily messaging through talking points of media lapdogs, open primaries and caucuses, social media censorship, and manipulation and lying by government about the problems of underemployment, illegal aliens, radical Islamic terrorism and the failure of Obamacare.

There are numerous ways in which actual voter fraud is occurring in our elections, but the most alarming opportunities for election fraud exist in the technology and methods used in implementing electronic voting. We should not trust electronic voting machines, and we should not entrust the counting of electronic votes to anybody. 

In my book, The Albert Plan to Save America, I propose the following language for a constitutional amendment that would restore integrity to our elections:

Each citizen, having been lawfully registered to vote, shall personally present themselves to their assigned polling place on election-day, with verifiable photographic identification, and shall affix their right thumbprint to a paper ballot, which shall be retained for one year.

What is your stance on the Health Care Act?
I propose that the United States pursue free-market healthcare by repealing Obamacare and eliminating the third-party payer system by getting government completely out of healthcare and outlawing health insurance. 

Obamacare was designed to fail in order to move our country rapidly to a single-payer healthcare system. Obamacare has destroyed the health insurance market, and if we do not repeal it immediately, we will have a broken healthcare system that will lead to a lower standard of healthcare at higher cost. By creating the current crisis in the health insurance market, liberals may have given us the perfect opportunity to fix all of the problems they have created in the health insurance and healthcare markets with one slice at the Gordian knot. 

If we get the government out of the equation and eliminate health insurance as an option, we will move from a third party payer system to a single-payer system where the single-payer is the patient in each healthcare transaction. When the patient pays for healthcare in a free market driven, competitive environment such as we have seen with elective surgeries such as plastic surgery and Lasik eye surgery, costs are driven down dramatically.