Dan Hamilton, Rep.


As a senior in college, Dan Hamilton began working for Jim DeMint on his first long shot campaign Congress in 1998. Upon DeMint’s election, Dan worked for three years as his district Congressional aide. At age 26, Dan started his own business and became a founding partner of the very first Keller Williams Realty franchise in South Carolina. Over fifteen years, Dan has led the company to become the number one brand real estate company in the Upstate. Combined, the companies he has ownership in have almost 500 licensed agents from Anderson to Greenville. His business has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal and is endorsed by Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s Shark Tank, Fox News’s Sean Hannity and Tara Servatius of 106.3 WORD.

Dan Hamilton was elected to the South Carolina State House in 2008 and has served there for the past 10 years. He has served as a Majority Whip since being elected and was selected by GOPAC as an emerging leader in 2015. Over his tenure, he has frequently scored highly on the South Carolina Club for Growth scorecards and averages in the Top 10 since his election. In 2017, Dan received an “A” rating from the South Carolina Club for Growth, the 3rd highest score in the House. Additionally, Dan has been recognized by groups such as SC Citizens for Life, the Palmetto Family Council, the NRA and SC BIPEC as a consistent conservative. Dan has been fighting for conservative principals since his youth, working to help good conservatives get into public office even back in his middle school days.

Dan supports amending the constitution to include congressional term limits and is staunchly pro-life, but believes the biggest concern facing our country is our out-of-control spending and ballooning national debt. In Congress, Dan will fight to rein in the powers of Washington and wrestle back the checkbook on behalf of the taxpayer. He will support and cosponsor a balanced budget constitutional amendment if elected and will declare war on reckless spending.

Would you vote to eliminate or uphold the second amendment?
The Second Amendment is a constitutional right our forefathers deemed worthy of protection. The ability of the individual to protect and defend themselves, or their nation should it be attacked, is an established right with which no government should be allowed to interfere.

Do you support or oppose the Trump administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum?
Having seen the benefits of trade firsthand in South Carolina, I believe it is important that we ensure any actions taken to protect American manufacturing don't do more harm than good. Industries that have moved to South Carolina, and our district in particular, could be impacted negatively by interference from the Federal Government. Fair trade is important, as is enforcement of fair trade policies and deals abroad, but tariffs are taxes on American consumers and burdens on US producers. History shows us that tariffs have a negative impact on our economy. Being able to sit at the table with our trade partners abroad and working to ensure a level playing field is the most effective way to help our economy thrive.

Would you vote to approve funding for a wall on the US/Mexican border?
Securing our border is one of the most important priorities to defending our nation. Support for securing our Southern border is essential to protecting the sovereignty and rule of law in our country. In addition, the federal government should work to make sure that any municipal, city, county, or state agency or official that undermines federal law should cease to receive supplemental funding from the federal government and should be held criminally liable.

Would you vote to ease or tighten restrictions on abortion?
The sanctity of life is something that should be protected at any opportunity. Eliminating funding for taxpayer funded abortions through agencies such as Planned Parenthood is only a start. It is essential that we observe the facts of science and defend the defenseless.

Do you believe the American election system can be compromised by internal or external forces?
Internally, a lack of civic education and understanding can cause irreparable damage to our nation. If our people don't understand the powers of each branch of government and their restrictions, our republic will struggle. Congress needs to cede back control from the Executive and the courts need to return to interpreting law instead of attempting to write it.
Externally, there are opportunities for foreign actors to involve in manipulate themselves in our daily lives that have never existed before. The availability of any one person's data and information is so readily available and accessible, it can make us easy targets for those who want to influence our opinions. By knowing what you search on the internet, tracking your location or shopping habits, or even observing the videos you watch, a person's behavioral patterns can be observed and our streams of information we consume can be contaminated.

What is your stance on the Health Care Act?
Government intervention in healthcare markets has been a disaster. The further the government steps across the line into private markets, the more distorted they get. Currently, Americans are faced with one of the most expensive and heavily regulated healthcare sectors in the developed world. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, it's only gotten worse. There are 17.5 million more able-bodied Americans on Medicaid, a program designed for the needy and children, than any other demographic. Washington needs to step out of the way of the doctor-patient relationship for good.