JT Davis, Dem.


JT Davis is a nearly lifelong South Carolinian and a product of South Carolina public schools. After earning a mechanical engineering degree at Vanderbilt University JT served 4 years active duty US Army mainly in a NATO nuclear missile unit in Germany. JT then worked for three decades as an engineer and business manager with Fortune 500 Global companies. Today JT is owner of a global consulting firm and is a licensed Professional Engineer with an MBA. JT has been married for 34 years to Laurie, a special education teacher and they have one son Tony who attended Greenville public schools all 12 years and is a PhD candidate in Biology at USC Columbia. In addition to his 40 years experience in the military and industry, JT also serves as an adjunct engineering instructor at USC Upstate. The Davis family are members of John Knox Presbyterian Church and are 20 year residents of Simpsonville. An unusual factoid about JT is he has actually lived in Benghazi, Libya.

Would you vote to uphold or eliminate the 2nd Amendment?
I fully support the 2nd Amendment and that gun ownership is an American right. I agree with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s majority opinion in the 2008 Heller decision clarifying the Constitutional concepts of “well regulated” and “not infringed”.  Justice Scalia’s majority opinion is that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right but it is not unlimited. Supporting gun ownership and in accordance to the 2nd Amendment, l endorse training, qualification, and personal responsibility requirements as key elements for enhancing gun safety in America.

Do you Support Pres. Trump’s tariffs on imported Aluminum and Steel?
I agree with President Trump’s stated objectives that duties and tariffs should be fair, equitable, and “mirrored”. I do think that the President’s recent announcement of his Steel and Aluminum Tariff’s proposal was unduly sudden and created avoidable business community panic and stock market turbulence. Regarding NAFTA, a trade agreement that is nearly 30 years old, a review and update by all parties is reasonable but we should remember that we also have 150 million customers in Mexico and Canada for our USA products. South Carolina has a major stake in global trade with BMW, Boeing, Milliken and others exporting Made in South Carolina cars, planes, tires and turbines. In Congress my global business and manufacturing background will serve our district effectively in protecting South Carolina’s export based manufacturing economy.

Would you vote to approve funding for a wall on the US Mexico Border?
I completely agree the need for effective southern border control and will absolutely vote for appropriate funding of walls and border control systems that the Customs and Border Patrol professionals advise they need for stopping illegal immigration, illegal drugs, and national security risks.  It is clear that the real challenges on illegal immigration are not just physical walls or border agents.  Congress has to address honestly the quantity and the process for legal immigration, for guest workers, and require E-verify. I support passing a Clean DACA bill as President Trump proposed, then using that DACA model to develop a comprehensive policy.   

Would you vote to ease or tighten restrictions on Abortions?
The Christian Democrats of America position is we can lessen abortions and protect a woman’s right to choose at the same time. The CDA position is that abortion should be rare, legal, and safe. I agree. The labels “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” are a barrier to a spiritually honest discussion as these labels cloak variations on exceptions, criminality, and women’s actual choice. I support Medicaid assistance coverage for women’s routine healthcare and contraceptives. I do support the Hyde Amendment that prohibits federal funding of abortions.

Do you believe the American Election System can be compromised?
Considering in history certain elections where cemetery residents voted, clearly we must be ever vigilant that all elections are fair and honest. That said, I believe elections today are honest and our boards of elections, poll workers, and ballot counters deserve our trust and thanks. Of course “trust but verify” is appropriate and election computers, like all computer based systems, must have airtight protections from tampering. I do support reasonable identification standards on voter ID verification at the polls. Regarding charges that social media like Facebook, Twitter, and dark money TV advertising can elect candidates, it’s nothing new that less than truthful candidates, outside money media, and fake news can impact elections. Truly our only real defenses against negative and outside influences are the same as has been true for our entire American history - an intellectually critical and engaged American voter. All citizens should vote. Many have fought and died and continue to do so for our right to vote. Honor them by voting.   

What is your stance on the Health Care act?
A key reason I decided to run for Congress was the Republican majority in Congress voting over 50 times for full repeal of the Affordable Care Act without any replacement plan. Making a political stunt of Citizen’s healthcare access is unforgiveable. I believe affordable quality health insurance is a Citizen’s right and a family protection necessity in 21st Century America. The Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, was developed by the conservative Heritage Foundation in the early 90’s as the Republican alternative to the Single Payer “Hillary Care” proposal. Why did the Republican Party decide to oppose their own health insurance plan shouting “Fake News” such as “Death Panels” and “Job Killer”? There was no Death Panel killing Grandma and with today’s low unemployment rate clearly the ACA is no “job killer”. Instead of retreating back to 20% of our fellow citizens “free riding”, we must deliver a healthcare system that works for all. Components of the ACA like pre-existing condition protections, 26 year old family coverages, and multiple plan options have bipartisan support.  In Congress I commit to join and lead an open and bipartisan developed ACA 2.0 American Healthcare Freedom Plan.