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Well good morning afternoon evening whatever time of day since the sales and listen on demand you have true again. To the three big egos podcast I am of course L go off well. I don't he would have name I had one next media session oh boy this scary. And I it is of course Bobby Mack didn't Stokley. Little tequila here. Actually. And hoopla. Already but that was quick and eventually I would think more and iron out of him always in your record there both he and we have to think of something it's I'm not as quick with things like that. I only got fifteen minutes so. You know you can work on the main town and by the way it's little tequila has less coming drinking tequila and big travelers in college seeking re back on a tour card go. And who so I love that I love margaritas the really aren't EM margaritas there are great I don't I don't drink that much more. Primarily because. And it can't in my younger days I consume very much all the Al gospel and I needed to hold me for the remainder my natural life and leave him. Now we'll tell us about this and waited just as sure. I'm guys never do our share stories Sarah they're relaxed they're actually was a time. When I can drink a case of beer. And still function. No defined function. Well lifting one little under Daley's letter and I was like walk and talk. You know. I'm I wasn't much of a multi tasker at that point that but I did I can walk and talk got less functional. Now someone illiterate but not so sure all Internet and I don't know. Her college who long ago announced far away. You can have not found may passed out at the pie counts. Ellie yes. I. I know there are no value out right there until Bertram and hero who gladly took tune. I couldn't lift up your I don't have really these stories. Yeah and well you know that's that's probably gonna serve you well. Michigan governor although I like that no way the other day was in 92 years old sense and drink every day announced on trial of those lies I have okay. She's tickled and yeah it's good cheese. Well preserved god I hate that term but sounds like you should be in a bottle and formaldehyde. And I'll. So there are pretty well preserved body erratic. To be a bottle of formaldehyde. All right so what's what's your favorite my anti immigrant mirnyi came grade now growing roughly ten degree go to grand mining site grade him on a grand Ernie recipes you know how they read. They're very saucy. Yeah look like good score three points to three ounces of grand Garnett and that three medium sized excuse is that should you recipe. I don't want that I got another small ice cube trends on the radio I'm going to inept. A lot of consumer data to get that pulled over she yeah it was absolutely ginger ale in the. Precise you're that the apps so precise and a humorous PA is quite good my my dad died as a whole thing a grant Cramer differ for Christmas so wait and a. I I'm an old fashioned guy. Myself that I mean it was where you'd be all not all fashions. Ya that's a sitting out there and Internet that's a real presidential bid suburban suburban nature OK let's get but I mean I I maybe have. I'm and we have one drink a month something like them. The only guys and play golf what you content of the beer and fonts and I have my one glass I have a salad I am a lately so I have my one glass of wine on Friday night. And has been knows Brett Warren prison gets. Design cranky until I get a badge I don't taste and it still fun to go to another weekend critic I have no 1 I am I religion Ford but I read it. I will never forget I was doing a contract negotiations. There's a great guys I was a good time to drink so I guess his name is Mason Granger and he's out of the business now. But he she comes from big time money in in New York it in fact his constant. Is. CBS reporter. Mason Adams though. I've met anyway. We're in contract negotiation well let's let's go out and have a drink after work we'll talk about it yeah. Little did I know Mason had a hollow legs Bryant. He can he can drink. Anybody. Under the bar. And he kept him come and until he finally felt as if he got you know. I was pliable enough so Richard talking money he. Unfortunately. I was still semi conscious in this area so let's just SL money end tomorrow then you now wish it turned out to me awhile smoothly on my block it does I was not an area. I was not on top of the art of the deal plans the Donald would say at that point. Arie suing mention that I am I speaking of the art of the deal it looks like DA the FBI is gone the way it has 05 gunmen. The president Diller wanted to know memorably then but now there's still mad they don't want memo and I remember that come out I don't know I don't understand the timing on a speeches raid went to. Now the hill on Sunday aimed somewhat unique and unusual move to review the four page document. Then he yeah he came back and he had one of his CI guy's anonymous counterintelligence guy as. And an FBI top attorney review. What he told him about our Jesse had them go and actually look at it and they came back and said there were. And there were no factual. Errors. In in what they read and so now they're turning around a million little panicky about around the edges and sent. Probably wetter enough I don't national security national security red alert red alert so I carry two I can't wait to read this memo. I am I and Jeff Duncan on this weekend now he said that aware he had I asked him if he'd gone to read the memo he said he had. And it shook him as well as there my Republican members of the house you read it have said and he said the in in his estimation. That don't know what what he had read amounted to sedition. Wow strong word this anti terror Ralph Lauren are there representative and he says he said worse than Watergate. Is he okay after the train business pattern I actually after she them any known human okay emotion I'm I don't I don't think I don't think here many. Members of his family work or heard in that did you shave them that we. Your reaction from the left unless you sit there and clearly I'm preparing to dance on the grades no problem they're thrilled might be dead. Yeah I know we used to have that like even tried years ago in this country like that maybe is because there wasn't in Twitter was in his product I don't. We're just that this country is way too course. You don't what's happened is you you know how this works. Yet when she didn't the realm of social media where there's a level of anonymity. Before willing to say things they would never say you know in person to your face yeah as exactly and so you can just see the nasty is stings. And it's you know you don't have to worry about somebody actually seeing you. And and I think that makes all the difference in the world with the level of communication takes place. Yeah yeah that's true I mean you know in now at 1855. In the senate. Senator from South Carolina. Took McCain. To us senator from Maine over some things and he's an on the floor of the senate. Reading senseless. Twitter is better now compared. SF. No dual historic play substantially lessen the 18 re I guess so I guess you know what we're waiting for. Gosh we record the podcast on Thursday. Waiting to see if the memo was released today or what do they do a Friday document dump what better luck. You know that would be clever to do it on Friday mom is totally no one will notice no wait because. The Internet there was a Friday document on your means terrorize her. I eat more even bother anymore I was one that in the Internet can be blasted all over the place on the weekend. It's income right across so far no matter what you do so mariners in a player anymore hey Bob I can predict this about the man and a but a 100% certainty half the country will not believe it no access absolutely. Absolutely we really did you alternate reality when the MB we agree guys on what reality is now how ordinary to his. Street in this period. One of the other questions are raised about this and we're discussing this on air and I'm just I think someone made a really good point this morning someone who is made the point that. There's a risk here of overplaying this on both ends of the spectrum now Democrats there's a risk of totally down playing it. And on the other end there's some concern that this is being over hyped and it's hopefully not going to live up to its billing. And and the question I raised if if it does live up to its billing. What will become what else somebody do something about it will there be any consequence. Or this be another one of these things we have a multitude of hearings over and it all goes away. Well I think we've already seen some bodies hitting the floor right back he's gone from the FBI. McCain has gone from the FBI all of these guys they cover each others back historians pension and everything. But everything is over hyped and and 21 century America now. And you'll tell you'll be able to tell but congress is serious about this means it's as bad as Watergate as not as Republicans are saying this and they don't do anything about it yet. Now I think it's gonna make Watergate look like in a day at the beach because we've already seen under the previous president. Various functions of government weaponized against their political enemies I don't even need to read the IRS. That EPA the list goes on and on. And so this could get if if what's in this memo when we read about what's in it turns out to be accurate. They don't they just extended the weapon as a nation of of other various government agencies FBI. CIA amongst others. Two Tim for their own political gains and Victor Davis Hanson is a really bright guy. As Stanford professor wrote PC other day. Don't talk about conspiracy theories and real conspiracies. And Annie went through enlisted but did a laundry list and everything that that. Has actually happened that has been done to try and at and many of them fall under the think the categories that we're talking about so it's it's a dangerous time. Yet the question is for whom well yeah but I think there are many people at the FBI right now. In other I suspect that there's a political motive become behind their raising these objections and claiming national security and other may be. We don't know. If there are real national security issues but I don't look at all the national security violations Hillary Clinton committed whether or email server. And and it didn't cost you everything except maybe the White House. The irony this whole thing to me it would we've gone hysterical as a nation need the aid the FBI I'm investigating. Alms stuff for you know Muller investigating what the firing of count me trump asking colony allegedly I'm not to pursue Flynn grade. And what the FBI do first thing they don't want to memo out. They go right to the White House has not ever really see that wasn't an obstruction of justice. Just like Dave accused trump of duet. When trump asked the same thing of them had we not just gonna pursue that and so I'm do we not need a special prosecutor now. For them going to the White House asking is not be real this is exactly what they've gone after truck for you know I. My ask Jeff Duncan now the other day if it was time for a special prosecutor and he said nodding we got enough that he wants to see a joint. Health senate committee told joy especially you know this but I know yeah I so I say. Look again. There there's not going to be a level of transparency there that we wanna see and they're certainly not going to be a level of trust from the American people. You know I will yet another Earl Warren commission ILA Ariel Rhonda and I'll buy and sell right it could get the bronze out of a barn. Using a rifle they said was a gun that never heard anyone can solve we've been down this road before. I don't see grand jury I think judicial watch is on Anthony's car heritage with Granger and preferably not one and apparently that any Obama appointee judge. Quickly. The other big news of the week tray out a announcing he's had enough. He's a suffering from Jim dement syndrome. Sent all of Washington that he can stand and I can certainly understand them a place as a meat grinder and a chews you up and spent shell them and look you know he can leave he Emma come off Fox News contributor and pulled down a hundred K a year doing that. Which she gives him enough moneyed gear up this is law practice. Yeah or. Ed about it. That no one and a and a one guy that you could replace. Jeff Sessions with and he needs ago. Is trade out ya out without getting impeached front I've because he is one of the rare individuals that has walked the line between you know party and like that you know that the freedom caucus that then the bid for grassroots. And the chamber of commerce show. At adroitly that he really could pull out and I think Lindsey Graham might actually not try to impeach dropped. If Trey Gatti was the replacement for sessions. You know on adding and a few that they trump could get through because you know right now they say they legacy Lafayette he tries times guys try to get recessions is just to move to obstruct justice. Yet get rid of resisting that matters and that's for a day. Gillis for cancer they all servant but doesn't pleasure of the president and yeah of course they'll they'll take that route I know and and already we're seeing a name start to surface command of the woodwork. On people that see this as an opportunity you know the folks and are ambitious and see this is the next step in their political career. That it'll be interesting to see who decides or one thing's for sure the other GOP primary season just got a lot more interest in certainly did is now. This is why aren't and I mean it's one thing if you're running against an incumbent. Mean we all know that what 9192%. Of incumbents get re elected which is a problem in itself. But when it's a wide open field. You know all you gotta do is get through the primary. Yes so level falling and it opens here on your see what happens and there are a couple of Democrats that are they're going to be in the feel a shot as well on a couple there billing themselves as. Moderate new Democrat says so. And I think the timing is wrong for that the blue wave I think his. Whistling past the graveyard true for the Demps. And no doubt about that now there's there's a lot to talk about going forward now will do that when we see you back get in a week by then we'll have the memo. Will be able to talk about that enough. And I have the a bit more factual data to operate on thanks and lecturer. Joining us are really three big Eagles podcast we'll see you back again next week I'm Bobby Mack and share installations on delay on Blair rebar Reebok. And I just Coakley little tequila the I'll drink to that a little like a prostitute doesn't change my name both slid from those in isolation. They're around we'll find gas they're. Review and we don't yank it.