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And here we are folks back. For our regular podcast did we may in this thing by the way is is usually don't see week in W golf. And FF FF I just in the eighties these three big Eagles by it's a year with Vince Coakley. And little tequila that's right also known as terror survey just and of course I am told global. Should the hands. X and they was okay veritable plethora. Of names and colluding on Bobby Mack. And I and the guy that doesn't have any special name yet still working now will come up wouldn't we one port in awhile but she will you've you've had a week. Oh I know it's I've got to put some green power into it and sometimes I'm so sleep deprived. I just don't have the brain power to do so places they go things to do people to save busy busy busy. So I have to ask here at the outset because you guys are probably been them. Much more engaged in this in the night have what to do we think now pretty much shot almost a week removed. From the revelations about the newness memo. Pretty discouraging to me that journalism is dead in America. Yeah we've learned that for sure that this week definitely has a memo comes out and it's got all kinds of revelations and that switcher. In many instances suspicions confirmed about. What done ideological. Part of his sons of the FBI and the DOJ were doing to try and undermine person drone campaign in in the trump presidency. And yet. If you read the New York Times or Washington Post you watch CNN BSN BC NA and arrest. As soon as though it was fascinating to me you know before the memo was released. Democrats are running around screaming all we're going Europe may revealing sources and methods SARS is another and say it's a a vigil Travis steal me attacking our intelligence and criminal investigative agency wobbled off they'll be on the end of America the destruction of the constitutional republic. And then when it did come out what they did they should it's a nothing burger that they they allowed to have your story isn't methods Annette vicious iron corset. They they allowed to have it both ways. You know what I warn you guys about last week to your member. There in the media not paying any attention dirt about the managing expectations. About what would happen all ya from the release of this thing right. Yeah and I. I tend to the point that you call me jaded to whatever you call me. I am after watching all of these scandals in recent years you know weather's been does he or. Fast and furious IRS support I just don't expect anybody to do anything about anything. But you may have just come up with your name for the podcast. What is sent jaded. And he'd cheated him we think about that aren't yet but that on your list. I think that the vast majority of the people who follow these things. Find it pretty discouraging that they you know nobody is in jail. No special prosecutor. No. Blue ribbon commission to investigate and the revelation just keep coming no one to day in on how you find out. The Obama era Russian uranium deal that was another not a pipeline to wash money and send it to the Clinton foundation again which we suspect and. How long. Yeah I'm 45 million dollars and it's it's pretty stunning land. You're looking at the hill but she's not exactly conservative publication yes and they are outlined how the Russians paid Clinton. From you know for uranium one and a couple of other things would donations to the Clinton foundation is flat out said it Panetta is that his primary and then and among our bill by the way Mahler was ahead of the FBI. He knows this trucking company's menus don't wander there's money nearly got there's nothing to see here now looking uranium one deal go ahead and go through. Which ironic that the three principals the uranium one deal our. Muller Rosen Steen and McCabe. Well I'm sure they just merely coincidence the only series and so you know when grosses dean has to appoint somebody to go after trump to distract everybody. Who see your point is here's the question blame her peers question back to her or include just raise jaded. What driver doesn't stain is still doing working at the FBI. Very good question has rip van sessions you know. Very good question I had nine what do you see. And an would you guys agree with me the longer this guy who has some without any action. Taken here. The less likely it is anything's going to have to share that such a game they're playing they're trying to run out the clock. You know about the dossier but listen I mean us up for it there's a ton more coming out in his inspector general's report. We still don't know anything about 70 two's fighting what happened in the State Department yet means driving you away any twice how this is come out this is like November. Is drip drip drip drip is so most of the PR firm is putting out a little bite sized chunks. And outrage is that dumping all at once easier to prepare us for the next thing in the next and the next thing seven. Somebody is doing this this is highly coordinated somewhere you can tell and show our you know. I am almost thinking. Why bother. To roll the dice now trying to special prosecutor lets wait two more months Aniston and the whole publicly screaming bloody murder if you know trump or sessions doesn't do something. You know there was a time in this country when people would have been marching on Washington with buckets of pitch and not and pitchforks and rope. And I guess there's there's plenty of luck to him more real light standards in Washington DC that would serve appropriate Weymouth. I get these little like this guy wrote this up bad. On nub well we feel Friday. In the New York just like he was leaving the FBI because of all the constant attacks on the surge of pristine pure agency in no mood driven snow is caesar's wife all those other. Comparisons and what's he do he quits on Friday and on Monday he's a new correspondent. Street and I think I'm thinking yeah I and ai is it just so blatantly obvious. What's going on. Yeah I wanted to find out a whole lot more I am I'm almost orange is in the seventy's buying because that started before trump on the primary. Which suggests to me that he wouldn't just buy it on prime time he was right on everybody and you to kicker is going to be. Because we're gonna find incentive. That when we find out they spied on Bernie. Yup and then all these leftists and who have been might not OSB aren't jurors the Germans hour nine minute they survive and burning. Caller the other day there was C you know. Saying that you know all these attacks on the appeal and he was fewest parenting. The DNC is a line that these attacks on. The FBI and checking its integrity and Enron have here. Are bad for the country and into the FBI's not riddled with bad guys and I would not content either that the FBI top. The bottom is full of bad guys and I had to remind him and I said really I should ever heard of Whitey Bulger. Should golf they think the guy that ran the Boston mom forever and ever and had on his payroll by the way. Half a dozen FBI agents anybody remember that. No and that we went into a thing I'm wondering missed you guys mean Hillary Clinton is not campaign the ten million about dollars and get nothing. You know why what's good is this prize weren't if if your campaign can get only inside dirt. You know I mean I wanna know did they share with her I'd be shocked if they didn't shared with her they had people that went close to or that we're talking to Christopher steel. Feeding him. Made up data to go into his dossier no mean I today's didn't they share the results of the wiretapping. With her arms from talent oh in the people who use Samantha powers aimed to queried the seven onto illegally so my grudges had to go the hair on fire in trump tower. You know the head of the NSA right yeah Larry we'll today share that was killer and it's and it's a fair question what I'll do I have to yeah supportive having. A 1911 if you don't use that when you're being carjacked. I mean so you know icing college that's gonna kinda gets the point where the way it is just too massive I think this is only the beginning. So I don't I how to get where I'm eye to the point where people will be at the anger will turn on trump for not doing something I jealousy is getting there. You know I ask why rose and sinus is still at the FBI why is Jeff Sessions still the attorney general and I liked this guy personally but man. Disrepute. Yourself or whatever those who wordy as you can bet you know and and jump into this and let's have a special prosecutor. Hello all I've let's have a blue ribbon commission let's have some thing. I mean ray yeah I mean they didn't did thirty documents that the Department of Justice in the FBI won't turn over to congress in most of them are under subpoena right so. I mean day I guess maybe rip transitions is so busy with the criminal cover up he doesn't have time to. Do his job and then we learned you know yesterday as they've been concerned more and more from the guest star crossed lovers struck and page. That. Yeah we thought that Obama wants to know everything they're doing the investigation. April 16 2016. On I can assure you Chris Wallace on Fox News and an interview there will be. No thumb on the scales here that full stop. No no messing around. The long as the same her every one ball mall blown PEU and by the way if you like your doctor. And you can keep your doctor and a journal legal immigrant be sure to vote the next elections. The idea so yeah I'm I'm. You're curious about this just to follow on the point that you made your Terry you wonder whether some point. This is all going to reflect upon trump in you know it I know there have been some post she put out on Twitter few days ago now. But I mean this guy eight you know and he he has ADHD worst denied. Any smooth done it looks like he's moved on to something else I mean it it drug be Eric would that be correct assessment. No I think trump learned when now he put out that did tweet about wiretapping which we now know is absolutely true you put wiretapping in parentheses who really didn't get to Iraq. I he tried to Seles and any realized she would be beaten to a bloody pulp if he told us before we know the proof was produced and so. Mean for it in her in a miraculous feat of self restraint for Donald Trump. Rate I mean he's just not sure about this are freer he's not about it's is right after he was elected so. I think he's just learned eat you know what they're not gonna believe me there and take militia didn't treat me like I'm not I got a way to approve comes out. Well on AM completely different note I ran across this today and a website called thrill list. Dot com to listen to the best movies they're sent in every state and I got me thinking also about movies that are made. In every state. They put out a list of the best movies and take place in every state. Which is right of course were igniting a debate. They said they try to select movie since two took place mainly in a given state and that represents a stage placed in the nation's collective consciousness. Whatever that means it's Brunette hill that this unit in any event if he the on the movie they selected for South Carolina was. The notebook. My my favorite movies actually just three watched that a couple weeks ago and never seen advance and B singer and I have not seen that night I know we pray eat. I would be asleep for about fifty minutes and it if you always yell what's never get to surrender your hands main card yeah yeah this is. Is check what you have to give up front visit to know who isn't nothing. I Ryan Gosling Leo Ryan I got in America and miss and there. There are you know router and you know they're married to make Adamson Rachel Jennifer she's cute. And yes there might be worth watching just to see her now Glafcos tiger you can North Carolina was and I didn't see North Carolina on the list but we're assuming. It's probably dirty dancing yes. Made right up literally tour although maybe. Normal array. With Sally Field I'm assuming that was made in North Carolina but I don't know what for yes and I and you know all of those are Nicholas Sparks movies were made in South Carolina. I'm you know I tried yeah he's author of the note but yeah all of them and weren't remain for Georgia. It was up Caroline answered that were for Georgia it was the color playable color portal was that was their selection. I went through and I made a list. A movies that actually were shot in South Carolina. There were summoned here that surprised me because I didn't know what deliverance. Like I wish I really our style was made in Georgia right. Now it was shot in South Carolina. Forrest Gump. It was it was shot himself to really mostly who know college and Johnny and then you know low country no idea Berkeley county. Days of thunder wants us favorite. Does is got Tom Cruise and has gotten NASCAR. Ol' yeah yeah that's that's not that's just rub it deep they are subtle way people tell. I'd die hard with a vengeance them there really one of the Bruce Willis follows follow up sun not die hard yeah that. Not cold mountain. Nicole Kidman violates I'm reading. Reminder need to watch out again golfers will recognize this right away the legend of Bagger Vance shot no other country anti Geoff played on some of the golf course was that it was drama. And boy does about as well let's finish it did. He hit the patriots. They are member of the patron out hello we enchantment. Big chill as Charleston. Prince of tides. Nick Nolte are bend Indiana Bob block mob was Streisand. Still famous and of course Nick Nolte still finishers all time best. Booking photo. Are you that hair neck while is that all about. The radio shot here in the upstate of South Carolina and now I'm one and I didn't recognizes having been shot in South Carolina the abyss. Oh I love that gripped it that was shot where in South Carolina you know I I didn't look and see specifically where. That was I'd love that movie then that's that's good I find it curious do. Minnesota's. Top vote film room and take place in every shape. Minnesota's this Fargo. Oh lord as ironic annihilated not even in Minnesota. And Arthur got over I don't know mining in this science. And some of the more obvious when you know Kansas is the wizard Abbas. They actually showed that in Kansas now hang out. Bruno and and the studio Corson and Hollywood. Pour Maryland people's republic of Maryland. The movie the taste pleasure the Blair witch project. Staff hour and a journalist a snob and I never nothing's there are. I'm really scared the heck can you thought his real firm yeah yeah I am my husband dragged. Or never why should get nightmares measurable. By the way did you ever tell you guys what my wife and I went to see during our honeymoon we can. The exorcist the hand that rocks the cradle and you know I. So until I. Are hers. She is immediately preceded us and this US you're. Enjoy some political yeah assisted I would along with every single doctor put her at her I can I forget the babysitters aside that I haven't. I. Though she is so well we have not come to the end of our weekly a tirade. And here with the three big egos. Thank you so much for listening if you always do this Aaliyah posted. 5 o'clock on Thursday on our web site 1063. WORD. Dot com just go to the audio section. Find the podcast and he'll be there is a three big egos that's nice and nobody else winning okay. I read everybody on the left at ten pence and men have to talk with here at CNN actually there. Jane adios. Jake sounds like a cheap stripper due to really when he two on here probably. Yet you'll edit that out and that's my feeling that in London a.