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Welcome to another edition of the three big egos neurosurgery. Amigos. Alex and shoot though this week or rode off into the sunset and Vince as usual chasing the squarely song go across the parking lot haven't seen him since the Tennessee got to score a they won't be joining us today. I mention setting for him this are new member and out to be a part of the three B goes podcast. You have to have a Spanish name I it's what I understand I got the memo on the allocated seven. What what what shall we Christie knew today I'm going with side Nino Blanco Loko Nina so Blanco led kind of homage to ram a local obvious how is your yes. So I guess and that translates roughly into crazy white boy crazy. YLA is the case in one fell superior you have outdone assault with your Spanish and in. Well you know I got to tell you knows already your nickname around the building called upon whether you're. But I lived up to your expectations. I think betray some brace was order taken about this podcasts it's that's as easy top album name so I fear we probably. You know the intercom corporate folks would tell us us copyright infringements who could use its great. And we don't be sued the Olympics and have to spend another hour in training with HR which nobody wants all now know lots of fate worse than death affection and you lawns so. Here mares kinda Spanish with Diaw at the end fit are you LR and so exactly. That's not what let's listen I call myself Alonso forever to come down Alonso means deal on this and there's only one as opposed to all those people who cannot seem to say my name without adding an aide to the beginning of it I know there is one and by the way events caught the squirrel would he do. Because of the road runner and end coyotes and coyote finally caught the road runner even though and enough sodium so the road runner was like when he beat Paul. He had no I read what to do with the so I don't know whether it would do with a squirrel because no but I hope some catches on film because we know one now. Married so no one showed filling in for Al coop both the handsome couple Lewis of course body Max but I'm just gonna say you know I got an email from. Down the hall saying you were bombed today and I have always wanted to hear it becomes. A wish I had just a small amount of Bob's knowledge that's a teacher or big shorts to fill he has worked yes this is worth it every radio station ever created by man yes. Rape and knows everybody in the industry yes he does. And in the whole CIA yes that too and has the FBI now you guys should you question that's part of the State Department should ask him bubbly Jolson okay. That's it there's an interesting story about him and Billy Dale I really and this is something for a further podcasts you've got to remember that gets a little angry about it. Oh. But you know and get me angry asking about non too. His nom stories of the best yes they they really aren't up yet I'm not allowed to divulge any event that's finally what can what happened in non. Yet who stays in nom we should spend the entire podcast is talking about Bob we could just actually can't totally get out bugs like that Graham Paul you know that you just go over and you use it. Yeah not a great uncle knows the grandpa grandpa who has 101000 Astoria and you believe every single one of gum. And he could be Macon some of them up and you would know disease that good he is that good yet but when he first or working or how woods goes sends officers stopped them just to hear the stories now I can hear one Harold. Because he wasn't on the air when he first are working here but yeah I love hearing the stories stored up. Austin you do that do I saddened by his office for half an hour but I'm making a sound because he's talking I'll talk. But normally your eyes would glaze over now totally fascinated his stories are amazing depth. They really are and that's a feast on the slave if he manages to pick stories that would interest you. Yeah he is which is weird yet or it's a sign of someone who's a good talker and a even like romantic Campbell was going on sale Pompeo why I am when I was in non the CIA exactly and you got to understand. And you acetylene you know I mean to Serbia just going to be yet. My favorite stories from bombs when he talks about when he was a hippie we know Obama's hip yet well. He probably because I'm hippie so he'll week here is those stories towards me when he talked about back when I had long hair and get back on now is ample trading at that and and I want to see pictures of that they have to exist somewhere. Just trying to picture bombers that hit the united to McCain it. He just always mostly golfer to me. Every Dolan is pitchers let me know so I can bring into it for ever. The onto into the Internet like sepia tone you came under an hour or something there's no way that the idea in color. Our listeners would go nuts if they can get a hold such a thing are so it was supposed to be serious and talk about this stuff on the podcast and am coming missed we have left. We still got about another tear in my they're cemetery and so I am. What what do you guys think he's the biggest thing to happen this mean I know you Lee NDU Alonso will have a totally different take on this. So a site is a start with you basing this week. He doesn't have to be in politics yeah screw that day we're supposed to say Stefan when Sammy narrate it could be anything he's OK I rushed to mount mosque the sad thing about my life is just. Six on what else that's going on I don't pay attention to too much else. So we don't give you a minute to think about currency and several things first of all Stephen Hawking guys. Yes that's pretty big as pretty big. Does a pretty big deal and as a nerd I'm supposed to know a lot of us Stephen Hawking now I know lastly no animosity not consent that you see the movie he was very Smart enough. He should wants the movie was good my daughters loved that movie that made you watch that it was good who is a star of them I have no idea it wouldn't want the guys who plays Doctor Who. The only guy I think it was the last got to play darker may be I don't know I'm just you know it's a girl now so down now and I didn't know that and don't watch doctor drew but. Very controversial you know eat knowing we could talk about is. The fact that Terrell always talks tough about this is the fact that the brackets. You know today while we are taping yes. We're I don't know what a half hour away from you know normal first game's first OJ jumping off Shia and the NCAA college basketball. March Madness and we have our bracket challenge going on and Terrell always talk stuff about who beat that the zoo and I'd be out all the guys in the building every year. Snuggling in the including the sports guys yes it is going down. They're going down. There is a menu to yo man you my mistakes I had I had an off year last year K. My off fear was attributable directly to the fact that one time I mean mistake of listening. To my husband Randall logo and changing around my bracket. And I got demolished he hears a problem I would never do that again people over think it I didn't get anywhere near let him anywhere near. I do is make you pick and stick when it Aminu it either works or doesn't all these people who are suppose we'll. Suppose it experts there's never really been a perfect bracket before they don't know what they're talking embodies what that. Was it Warren Buffett did this year we'll zoning in wasn't gonna offer I think he said if if somebody got it right all the way to the championship he was giving whoever has it he's just in his company. A million dollars a year for life now. And I think he offers this every year while and no insomnia down well let's. Obviously instant Stephen Hawking just died in how the smartest man in the gray I guess there's no chance to bed now. So this is a fun time a year because people who don't pay attention to sports suddenly pay attention because there are all these different kinds of brackets that you can get into all these ways to. To out earn money not that any of us would never do no of course not we do it just for entertainment purposes yes Andyaat. You know even though I'm kind of a sports guy. I'm not really in the college basketball and a much. I love college basketball but this year I have really watch very little and I've really I don't know it's just been so many other things going on. My personal life were formally from here have time to race. You know really chill and watch any college hoops so but even so I mean even though I don't normally pay attention to it and I will be watching I loved the TV coverage of the sort of thing yeah tons. The they know exactly when to flip to the next game and it's about the into the next one they catch on his ass stuff. And it's it's really really cool and there's always someone in the office who knows absolutely nothing like someone like terra. Well every minute of every time he does and the bad part is they're people in this building who bother. Are there yes really. My talk smack about them beating them nor do they care about I don't think I don't think the talking smack. While there's so much because this is radio that's basically what all you do dependent on you know if you talk about music or politics or sports but. The fact I think some people don't wanna get beat by. Not necessarily. I don't say congress. Are icon appeared but some wind with no knowledge of sports rate it's like. Here is here's here's my room I exist in this room don't come in my room and take over my attention that's. That really bothers it may ask them to do that she's well I don't know I it has nothing to do with the gender of the said person talking Italian. I've got two daughters that are really. In two sports. And you know both that's what I should do Russia last month to month my two daughters to fill among brackets. Yeah that's my middle and youngest child most both girls and they are there for your sports nuts and I ever thought about being so and that they follow stuff. And then since they went to Clemson and oh Clemson sports to yourself. Yeah I just she's the bank is hides a put it on this podcast is painless solution isn't great I is based on every year that'll do I let's not give today I will not pay one iota of attention to basketball except ask Chris and a break. Who won. And then go to if I'm when I'm. Doubt they decide to come every time I've gotten the years I used today asides which is to the last three and to not listen to my husband Randall Loko until I love but you cannot do bracket. On the I got three out of the final four correct. If you think about it I mean those folks ran for the money you know they're seriously look at it. And you know want it I realize that there's a gnome and a chance and all this but still those are folks who really follow it and you know have some idea overly who's got a shot at winning some. So you know it's williams' fast and not die if you watch the political odds now he can be better done racist. Time to shift in tribes popularity and Anthony's Hillary's is you'll see guides on that shifts. Before anything hits the public feel more there's any lake you know I mean. Wish I mean after Billy bush everybody thought trump was dying but if you look at the odds market they see it it it not only stay the same and on top for Trout and it was the most accurate predictor. So I terrorism and using science yes. Isn't too lazy to figure out what's going on right in that you know blinded us with Simon just gives you know I gotta say I have no problem with you needing mean. But really PG Alonso I just copied names I don't know Tbilisi late Kansas and Kansas wait state. That kept up. No I did regular crystalline not you know another monster one and we ought to Stater definitely I don't know I guess I'm well aware yes I don't once more blue and red I don't want someone like crystal. How come I'm okay I'm idiom very OK if you win but of crazy speed that's the problem I mean that's. Everyone has bad guy in their building that you don't wanna lose two and everything because three years from now the remind you of it yes there is well yes he will. Frequently cited I don't wanna lose them and I don't care fund next to last as long as he's locked. Let's beat the thespian. It's really absolutely. No as far as knowing people in this building I I realize the first series here on the air. Directed them to rise guys had this huge con audience that was very mailman that. If I am insulted. The rise guys on the air for any reason. Then like half the city would call lemons Helmand that I had just on income which would then force them to insult me back right and the other half the city be like who's got. He's the right guys and they have to check me out. And so I am I started a war with them just to get publicity just to get them to permanently on their shadow psychological many it works really well actually. Yeah I gotta tell you that's kind of you would know about this but that's been done before really yes. I thought I started at the between the the rise doesn't run us out really how else. But it was more venom towards hand not hand you know that way because one time. That man they were doing something they said who would you kiss in the building and Matt Manson or Ross castle. And so in the middle of a broadcast and someone the producer on know who that guy might have been brought it to Russia's intention. And rust to stood up in the middle of this broadcast and walked down to the middle of their broadcast. Allow and and how they go if you walked then they put him on here and he looked Manny at Heinz says there's no chance and blank that I'm doing and he does have closed down walked back in here and and told us about it. So this is an area they love feeding and you wouldn't think that W your DN 93 point three wood how such a crossover but there definitely is yeah over there. And there are a lot of investigators and our audience who loved to. He said this he said this he said this so and it's a lot of fun and I think. Downstairs especially encourages us a little bit of rivalry and there are some people in the building who don't like that. As long as they can sell radio advertising oh yeah that's title and items and on being. It it's fun it's like friendly rivalry yeah yeah no word on the family and in some people in your Fam meal like some people we like a little bit less but you know those are our guys. Where there are guys that kind of thing. But as deathly a lot of fun as doubly good movies you should continue do that well. I can time they made fun of my exercise desk. I'm not bitter about that at all and I pointed out that. They sure could use an exercise has curtailed I went downhill from there and yeah well one of them in particular right now for sure. Who had pictures posted all over the doubting Tim I told my feet I guess down this not that we ever did anyway he was supposed to come and talk to me about you know. I've really that's right because. You are they very well experience you can't dissuade off and that's what I wanna know I keep telling people he hadn't okay. Managed not to get back everybody I know who's lost weight gains weight back how are you doing nest in drugs. Unknown area your surgery now okay when is it prayer it's even less and there's nothing else and that's one. Way to do yeah another way to do it is is to stay like Bruce Banner said I'm always angry. I can ally how I lost the weight in the first place was. First all the cells person came to me and these I want to be mad I was love when people approach me that last. Because that means they're gonna say something that's gonna do it tick you off. And he's like would you like to try news. And it's like the cement and no one fat if you like you're trying to tell me something different then you know had a lot of circumstance the reason why I got that way as like. If I do this will use lose the account if I if I fill out and he said no and says that okay I'll do. But there was such a plan and a half one of those something written out to me if you do this this in this of the war and has started working. And then gone back to Russ castle. He took me societies that do not do this. Usage you will fail you don't have the discipline you cannot do that. All it's all right at the K get to the reason why and then I heard someone down the hallway saying the same thing. And it ticked me off. And I'm motivated by anger I always have been since I was a kid the on football they would. They would contrive things to make me mad like for the homecoming dance to draw was taken out they. When my friends got a ring from her. And told me she wasn't going with me to dance that gap and one of the best games ever at this failure otherwise they championship ready and understand that's motivation for me. And Russ tonight we had that kind of relationship he knew what we tick me off and get me to give me to do that. I still hear those voices. They're always there if I gain a pound or two. If I have a bad week and it's on to what to get to a certain area and I still do some of the things that you're supposed to do. Every single day as a person routine once I get it into my routine it stays there and if they like other routine. Unanimous so so and not everyone's. People get it. Big for different reasons and want to in some people it has to do with discipline and other ones it has to do with. Other illnesses and things adding to this a lot of times. The doctors when we give you medication. That causes you to game weight and it creates such a vicious cycle to get to a point where you can't do anything to get the weight off. That's kinda what happened to me I used to be an athlete your body remembers them. So what's your star game back close to your body like OK this is where we should be was keeping him so. And I went one way I don't wanna go back there again. Makes sense then what is he doing on his vacation this year and what it what you doing down my vacation come on next week. I plan to vacation dislike work outside the yard for the entire area and I say yes. Agonized break I've got to do more to spasm got some beads because he's having your vacation yet rape. Here military action on multi station I'll be out there. Gem into whatever my Spotify loose that is not and does it for you just me and squirrels which you very dangerous by the way. We'll let anyone tell you the squirrels aren't dangerous powers through acorns or whatever they can add to and then nature. When are they taxing gasoline to do very dangerous or violent to they realize that you can't shoot back. They do or fight entry or not that much for now you know what comments what time is. It's going to be done real incidents OK on way too quickly. Is it has an all won this podcast by the way of the management I'm contrived it would be. You know you have the best conversations in the hallway while we may get into a podcast so this doesn't sound like the way usually hear us it's just not boast they aren't so it's part of the plan they have. Arie. I'm not finished in somebody else that's the astute eye opener didn't your lease is finished and you. Well that's him I'm inexperienced at that I'm. Usually follow up on whatever terrorists talking about. Say something expansions I know I know we think in Spanish I could barely read the menu at a Mexican restaurant pretty talking about hair day I think rushing but surely you know united. I sat out sing here is put into this thing.